How To Make Popcorn With Air Fryer (Air Fryer Popcorn Making Guide)

Air Fryer Popcorn
Air Fryer Popcorn

Ever wanted to pop your popcorn using an Air fryer? Well that’s is possible, Let’s see how to make air fryer popcorn in this guide.

Most of the people who are fond of eating Popcorn would like to know how to make use of an air fryer. Review this article for more information and other details. These days, many people are conscious about their health and prefer to eat healthy foods. People with diabetes and hypertension find it hard for an alternative option to get along with a Rapid-living lifestyle. The convenient and efficient remedy would be Air fryers.

Many of us prepare Popcorn using a popcorn machine. Later, the Air fryer is utilized as a multi-purpose machine for family. Popcorn the best snack-type can be easily & quickly prepared to fulfill your diet. You can also start preparing the Popcorn by using the air fryer. Many air fryers will include exposed vents and heating elements, and the corn kernels may get caught within the heating element or the airways.

Popcorn Preparation Method – Air Fryer

Procedure for making popcorn using an air fryer:

  • Firstly add some oil (a few tablespoons). An essential ingredient to prepare crispy Popcorn.
  • Use an aluminum foil; this will help overcome the mess around the air fryer.
  • The air fryers will blow the whole warmth over the preparing food. The aluminum foil will hinder the popcorn part not to stream inside the air vents.
  • Ensure sufficient space is given by the aluminum foil to pocket the popped corns.
  •  Lastly, a bowl is required to put the popper corn. It is just conceivable to do a little part at once, so the bowl ought to be secured until you place the following cluster.

Another Method

  • Place the quarter cup of popcorn seeds or kernels.
  • Pour two tablespoons oil.
  • Turn on the Air fryer and set the temperature to 205c or 400f.
  • It takes 8 to 10 minutes approximately.
  • Once it is done, the popping of the kernels will be stopped automatically.
  • Transfer to a bowl and some seasoning for a better taste.

Air Fried Popcorn Seasoning

Mostly people prefer classic butter seasoning as its classic in nature. However, there are numerous seasonings. Caramelized Popcorn is the simplest method to prepare, after popping the corn kernels. During the frying process, it’s easier to prepare the seasoning and pour the same with popped corns. Taste buds will be intoxicated with caramel essence as it’s added to the popcorn. If you prefer to have a salty taste, then add some salt and oil before placing the corn kernels within the air fryer.

For best results add salt and oil, mix with the corn, and shake well before applying the thick coat to the kernels. During the process, it’ll evolve juicy salty taste. Cheese lovers will finely grate parmesan cheese and place them on bowl .shake them well to mix the cheese with each corn kernel for better taste. You can also explore various seasoning recipes on social platforms.

Follow any seasoning recipe but make sure the Popcorn used should be freshly cooked direct from the Air fryer to get the best seasoning taste. Some seasonings tasteless when compared to sticky seasoning recipes. Most of them prefer subtle taste rather than drier seasoning. Dry seasoning recipes should be mixed with corn & butter to get the best taste.


  • Few chances for overcooking
  • Consistent
  • Less mess


  • Usage of a small portion
  • Corn kernels stick around the heating element
  • Takes longer to heat

Air Fryer Temperature Requirements

To have tasty and yummy popcorn the one essential thing is to choose the accurate temperature for cooking. The temperature for cooking the Popcorn using Air fryer would be 400F degree. This will help you get the best results and good taste.

Popcorn Ideas & Variations

Find below the variations of corn kernels to get a tasty popcorn party:

  • Add some olive oil topped with black pepper & parmesan cheese (which is finely grated).
  • Mix some chocolate chips along with the buttered Popcorn.
  • Add some sea salt, squeeze the lime over the Popcorn.

Air Fryer Popcorn Healthier Tips

Add Protein – The best method to serve your Popcorn under control and feel fuller is by pairing up with protein. It is advisable to include protein of your preference or finely grated cheese (2 ounces) and peanut butter of 2 tablespoons. This would be a nutritious snack.

Add Lighter & Healthier Toppings – Popcorn can be spiced up by healthy methods by adding the cheese (melting and adding several ounces) or adding hot sauce to the Popcorn. By adding some jalapeno peppers or some pickles or sprinkles of some balsamic vinegar for better taste. Ensure that you are not adding a lot of salt, flavors or masalas, and instead add some seasonings or spices.

Avoid using Microwave Popcorn – In general, the least healthy method is microwave popcorn. It includes artificial flavoring and too much salt. Most of the people prefer to eat large portions.

Managing the portion size –Based on the intake, the serving portion may differ. For example, plain Popcorn of one cup is 30 calories. Be cautious while adding the topping, which may add calorie count.

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