Is Popcorn a Grain? Know The Truth and Some Cool Facts

Popcorn is a snack, which is everyone’s favorite in all age groups. Whether you are a grown-up or an adult, you’ll eat popcorn. But it is also a must to understand whether it contributes some good health or not, is Popcorn a grain or not?

People are having lot of confusion, is Popcorn a grain or not. If you are looking forward for an answer, there is nothing to worry. Here we will clear your doubts considering the nature of Popcorn.

Without any confusion, it is a must for you to know that yes, Popcorn is a grain, and it has health benefits and other nutritional values in it. All these nutritional values and health benefits will help you understand that yes, it’s a whole grain, and it contributes the same benefits as you will have when you consume some other whole grains.

Health benefits

Is Popcorn a Grain?
Is Popcorn a Grain?

Primarily, we will be going to consider the health benefits which relates to the whole grain. They are:

Weight loss:

Popcorn is considered to be one of the best and ideal snacks for losing weight. You can easily eat it, and fills your tummy very fast. A filling snack which doesn’t let additional food in. You can easily consume Popcorn and maintain your diet.


Popcorn is rich in fiber, and all the fiber available in Popcorn is insoluble. We are aware, that insoluble fiber contributes good digestion. The same with the whole grains. Therefore, if you want to maintain your digestive system, then Popcorn is the right one to consider. It acts in many ways and helps resolve constipation problem and reduces the chances of gut infection and hemorrhoids.

Fiber intake will help to maintain digestion properly, and it’ll contribute a balanced diet.

Disease prevention:

Popcorn prevents you from multiple diseases. It’s known to reduce the risk of hardening the arteries and cardiovascular disease. There might be a chance to get diabetes, or some cardiovascular issues if you are consuming them regularly. But this is not the truth at all. This will help you get rid of the problems and will prevent you from all such problems easily.

These are the health benefits present in it. Now we can discuss the nutritional value linked with Popcorn so that you can understand Popcorn is a whole grain.

Nutritional values

The nutritional values linked with Popcorn. Well, most of them are thinking that popcorn is just a snack to have, but it contains a lot of nutritional values. In order to know more about it, you can have a look at it below.


When it comes to vitamin intake Popcorn, is a very good source. There are multiple items available in vitamin A, vitamin K, Vitamin E, riboflavin, foliate, and so on. You’ll see to it that all vitamins are present.


How can we forget about carbohydrates? The carbohydrate available in Popcorn is sufficient. Therefore there is no need for you to worry about it anymore. It is considered to be an ideal snack because the carbohydrate content available in it is low. Researchers have suggested to consume food, which is less in carbohydrate.


Calories are considered to be among those, which will contribute fat and weight. And popcorn gets heat where the calorie content is almost 0%. So how can you forget, including Popcorn in your diet? It is a whole grain, and its low-calorie content. We all are aware that usually all the whole grains have low-calorie content available, and it suits your digestive system.


Fats in Popcorn are very less. The amount of fat delivered by Popcorn is almost 1 to 2%. Therefore there is no need to feel that these are not good for you. It depends upon how you are preparing the Popcorn. If you add a lot of butter while preparing, it’ll contribute calories. But if you prepare them naturally without adding lot of butter or other oils, it’ll not contribute fat.

And many other benefits present when you consume Popcorn. All those benefits are linked to whole grain, and hence it’s been proved that Popcorn is a whole grain, and there is no need to worry, that it’s not contributing any health benefits.

Final words

Thus, after consuming Popcorn, if you feel that you have not consumed something delicious because you have consumed something that contributes unnecessary issues and it’s a myth. It is a healthy snack, and can consume regularly. After consuming Popcorn, there will be no need to crave for more food. Also, the best part about consuming Popcorn is it will help you to get rid of multiple problems, as mentioned above.
If something is missing or want to know more about Popcorn, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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