Did Popcorn get Stuck in the Throat? (Easy Remedies)

Popcorn stuck in throat
Popcorn stuck in throat

Usually, when eating Popcorn, sometimes the case is popcorn gets stuck in the throat. When the same happens, it often leads to some unconsciousness state, and also it will not let us feel comfortable. It would be the most disturbing thing that will happen when watching a movie in a theatre. The following way might help you to feel comfortable.
If you are among those who feel the same whenever you consume the Popcorn, there is nothing for you to worry about. Here we will be going to tell you the remedies which you can easily use whenever you feel like that there is Popcorn stuck in the throat, and you want to get it out of it as soon as possible.


At first, the measure which is suggested to the ones facing the same problem is gargle. When you feel like that, there is Popcorn stuck in your throat then have some hot water available. Repeat the gargles continuously. After doing them 4 to 5 times, you will feel something is coming out of your throat, and you are not facing the same issue.
Make sure you are only considering the mild hot water. If you have considered very hot water, then it will create some issues to your throat, and you will not be able to consume something for others.


If you do not wish to go for gargle, then you can consider swallowing as well. Sometimes we have a habit of swallowing a few things and of moving our neck from here and there. Make sure you are using your mouth for the same as well. It will not only let it settle down, but you will also see that your thought has become clear after it. If you feel that it is not working properly for you, make sure you do not force yourself to do it. If you have force yourself to do the same, then there might be chances some unwanted issues may arise.
Also, if you are moving your tongue in the same manner, then also you can go with it.

Drink some hot water

If you do not wish to get engaged in any of the things, grab some hot water and drink it sip by sip. When you drink it, sip by sip, you will be able to see that something is going down and also you are feeling relieved. Make sure you are taking one sip by sip. If you have taken a sip more than required, then there might be chances your mouth will get burnt because the water is hot, and it may create some unnecessary issues for you. And hence be sure about the warmth of the water. It should not be bland. Therefore be sure about it as well.

Eat something soft

After feeling like there is something in your throat, you can eat something soft as well. When you choose something and try to gulp it in, it will try to move it with the food you are consuming. But make sure you are not having something hard this time. If you have considered something hard to eat, it will damage the esophagus and also create unwanted issues. If you do not wish to face the same, always choose the soft food at this time. It will help the stuck popcorn to slide down the throat.

If you are not sure what the soft food you can consume, you can go for some fruits like strawberry, banana, mango, and so on. The juice extracted from them will not only let it push inside but will also clear your throat.

Visit nearby ENT

It would be the best choice, if you are afraid to take some steps on your own. And also then you feel like that, not even a single procedure is working for you appropriately and you are still feeling the same issue then approach the nearby ENT as soon as possible. Please do not create any delay in it. There might be chances that the Popcorn stuck in your throat is very big, and it will cause some rashes over it. If you do not wish to face the same issue, and then make sure you are immediately approaching the ENT near bye (by). He will look to it and will also suggest the major shooting to your problem. But do not compromise with it at all. If you are compromising with it, then it will only let you feel disturbed, and also, if the issue exceeds the particular limit, it will not let you eat something at all.
These are the basic measures that one can adopt whenever they feel like there is something stuck in their throat. If you are facing the same issue and wish to get rid of it as soon as possible, then approach the nearby doctor or adapt to the one mentioned above as soon as possible. This will help you to get rid of the problem, and you will be able to see that you are feeling relieved with it.

Doctors will suggest some medicines if any particular rashes arises because of the same. Therefore there is no need for you to feel that its waste of time and money when you are approaching the doctor. It is for your benefit, so you must approach them immediately for the same.

Final words

Hence, it has been clear, if something stuck in your throat like Popcorn, there is nothing for you to worry about. It would help if you adapt to some measures, and you will be able to get rid of the problem within no time.
But it is also a suggestion whenever you are consuming something like Popcorn do not let yourself get engaged in hurry activities.

Always consume them slowly-slowly so that it will get digested properly, and it will not get stuck in your throat as well. If the same issue is arising, there might be chances you are in a hurry, and you have consumed a handful of Popcorn.

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