White Popcorn vs Yellow Popcorn (COMPARISON GUIDE)

White Popcorn vs Yellow Popcorn
White Popcorn vs Yellow Popcorn

Ever wondered of what difference is there between white and yellow popcorn? well, check this guide to know the facts about white popcorn vs yellow popcorn

Popcorn is among those snacks which are loved by everyone. Everyone is aware that popcorns are available in two colors, white Popcorn, and yellow Popcorn. It is also a must that when a person is looking forward to consuming them, he is aware of the differences.

If you also wish to know about the differences which are linked with white Popcorn and yellow Popcorn, then here a few of them mentioned that will help you understand it easily.

At the very first, we will clear your doubts considering the nutritional values available in white Popcorn and yellow popcorns. It is as follows:


At the very first, it is a must for a person to understand the calories linked with it. There is a very minimal difference between the calorie linked with white Popcorn and yellow Popcorn. If you are consuming a cup of white Popcorn, it contains around 122 Calories, and if you are serving a cup of yellow Popcorn, it has around 110 Calories. Both of them are known to be low energy density.

Additionally, you will be surprised to know that fewer calories by weight are available in them, and higher the density of the fool. So, therefore, you can easily conclude that the largest quantity of Popcorn known to be energy density foods.

Carbohydrates and fiber

Apart from carbohydrates, white and yellow Popcorn have carbohydrate content as well. Therefore it is a must for a person to understand that there is a bit high carbohydrate content in white Popcorn as compared to yellow Popcorn.

For example, if you are serving a person with four cups of air-popped white Popcorn, they will be going to have around 25 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of fiber. But when you are serving someone the same amount with yellow Popcorn, then carbohydrates 2 grams and fiber 4 grams. Therefore it is nice to say that popcorns are enriched with carbohydrates and fiber both. 15% of the body’s daily requirement will be matched by 4 cups of air-popped white Popcorn or yellow Popcorn.

Fat and protein

When it comes to an understanding of the fat and protein which is linked with white Popcorn and yellow Popcorn, these are just the same. You cannot distinguish them based on fat and proteins. For example, four cups of white Popcorn contains 1 gram of fat and 4 gram of proteins, and the same is the content in yellow Popcorn. Therefore you can easily conclude that they are among that food which has a good low-fat snake.
It is also a must for you to understand that these popcorns lack essential amino acids tryptophan and lysine. Therefore it is a suggestion that does not consume the incomplete source of protein at all.

Vitamins and minerals

Considering vitamins and minerals available in white popcorns and yellow Popcorn when you will get surprised to know that there is a slight difference considering to vitamin A. While one is comparing these popcorns based on Vitamins level than both the popcorns are known to meet 2% of the daily requirement of Vitamin a point. Still, they are not available with a sufficient amount of iron. Thus, it is a must that you are consuming Popcorn appropriately, and do not compromise with any of the factors.


The sodium content is less in white Popcorn, but it is higher in yellow Popcorn. The reason behind the same is the amount of butter which is present in it. Therefore, it is a right to be said that yellow Popcorn has more amount of sodium. Thus, it is one of the best to consider. Apart from comparing the white Popcorn and yellow Popcorn based on nutritional values, a few more differences are also available. They are:


The flavor of yellow Popcorn and white Popcorn varies. Yes, you read it right. The flavors are not the same at all. Yellow popcorns are more flavorful than white popcorns. The flavor is linked with the corns, and also so you will be able to understand the difference by having few of them only.


There is a difference considering hulls as well. The hulls of white Popcorn don’t bother a person much, but the hulls in the yellow popcorns are considered to be the worst ones. Therefore, a user needs to choose whether he is ready to compromise with the flavor or whether he is ready to accept big problems because of hulls.


The size of yellow Popcorn is comparatively more as compared to the white Popcorn. The size of the original one is 46 times more in yellow Popcorn, and in white Popcorn, it is about 40 times more. Thus, there is the slightest difference based on the size as well. Well, you need to know about it for sure.

White vs Yellow Popcorn

White PopcornYellow Popcorn
The white tint is thereThe yellow tint is there
The kernels are smaller and thinner as wellKernels are of medium size and the shape is somewhat like to the pearls.
40 times is the size gained by them after popping46 times size gained after popping
The fat and sodium content is less due to less butter in it.Fat and sodium content is high due to the availability of butter and multiple flavors.
The texture is somewhat like a mushroomWhen these are popped it gets a fluffy appearance


Therefore it is a must for a user to understand which one he wants to prefer. When it comes to differentiating between them, both are good in their own ways. It is quite difficult to debate between white vs yellow popcorn. Therefore as per your taste requirement, you can choose the Popcorn you like. In no time you will understand which one is the right choice for you to consider. However, you need to know which is preferably good.

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