Why Does Popcorn Pop? | The Science Behind Popcorn

Why Does Popcorn Pop?
Why Does Popcorn Pop?

Popcorn is among those snacks, which is not only enriched with high fiber but is also known to deliver some essential vitamins. The vitamins which are delivered by Popcorn include vitamin K, riboflavin, folate, and so on. But when a person is looking forward to popping the Popcorn, there might be chances that the question arises why does Popcorn pop?

If you are looking forward to the answer to the question of what makes Popcorn pop? Maybe you have such questions in your mind considering to popping of Popcorn, but now there is no need for you to worry about anything anymore.

Here we will help you to understand what makes popcorn pop and will help to understand the things linked with it. Now, you can also get to know about what makes the popcorn pop with the below discussion.

What makes Popcorn pop?

The Popping of the Popcorn is contributing to the cooking of popcorns. Yes, you read it right. When a person puts these popcorns in a pan to get them pop, they are growing. The brittle kernels are cracking and also lead the Popcorn to pop. The cracking or popping sound produced is known to be the sign that yes, these are ready to eat. If the sound is not there, then you need to wait for a certain duration.

Additionally, the pressurized water vapor available inside the Popcorn will get when the Popcorn pop. Yes, you read it right. It will become dry, and also it will pop successfully. It will appear like a puffy white flake available. In case the water vapor inside the corns is present in a very high quantity, then it will become difficult for you to pop them successfully. You will be able to see that after popping up of these are quite hard to eat as well.

You cannot consume them directly, and it feels very hard on your teeth. Before it is necessary, you are looking forward to knowing what makes Popcorn pop, then remember the water vapor inside the Popcorn kernel is the essential thing that wants to escape and want to make it a dry as well.

You might have seen that after you cook these popcorns, some of the seeds become the same. They get brown, but in reality, these are not appropriate to eat. This is proof that the corns are not available with sufficient water content, which can let it pop.

Something more to know

When you get available with the corn, you see that it is raw, if you try to eat it, it will get stuck in your teeth, and it is so hard as well. If you have consumed it directly, then it will cause pain in your abdomen as well. Therefore it is necessary whenever you are looking forward to eating something you are cooking it effectively. If the process to prepare is not followed properly, it will become difficult for you to digest it completely and effectively.

When it comes to looking at the amount of water present inside the Popcorn kernel, then it is around 14%. The 14% water inside the Popcorn kernel can get with price at a 100 degree Celsius only. Therefore the optimum temperature hundred-degree celsius must be maintained so that it can escape the shelf. Until breaking point reached, there will be an explosion that will let these popcorns pop.

Additionally, when the journals are about to crack, there was escaping steam. This escaping steam is known to call the expansion of interior point in the interior will get expand. It will appear in the puffy white flakes.

These are the things that are essential to know by a person who wants to know how does Popcorn pops and what makes Popcorn pop. It is also a must that you are about the procedure through which you are preparing the popcorn. Make sure you are not adding unnecessary things while you are preparing the popcorns. The reason behind the same is in case the method to prepare the popcorns is not followed properly then they will not get pop and also you will not be able to enjoy the taste as well.

Now in the market, you will find out multiple varieties of popcorns available. Some of the points are in sent to make, and some of the Popcorn take time to pop. Therefore make sure whenever you are choosing one for you, you are not compromising with quality at all. If you have compromise with quality or have tools in serial quality popcorns, they will not pop properly. And if the Popcorn will not be cooked, the rawness of them properly will be there, which will not let you enjoy the taste of it easily.


Additionally, if you are not aware of the processes you are supposed to follow to prepare the popcorns, then online portals are there to help you. Multiple procedures and methods are available that will help you to understand it easily. Make sure whichever the procedure you are following, you are not making it combined with any other procedure. If the same happened, you would not be able to see that the Popcorn has popped properly.

It is a must that you are preparing the popcorns properly because if these are not cooked, they will lead to some digestion issues as well. Therefore if you do not want to face the same, you are preparing them appropriately.

You might be aware of the glycemic index of Popcorn as well. Everyone knew that the glycemic index is 55 find the glycemic index is contributing to carbohydrate and insulin levels. Therefore it is also a must if you wish to eat this Popcorn to maintain the same you are appropriately preparing them.

If you feel like that the popcorns you have chest not appropriate, or something is lacking in the quality, and then approach them now. This will help you to get the best product as per the price you are paying.

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