How Many Calories Are in Hot Air Popcorn?

Do you want to know How Many Calories are Present in Hot Air Popcorn? Then, read this post to know How Many Calories are in Hot Air Popcorn.

How Many Calories in Hot Air Popcorn
How Many Calories in Hot Air Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the healthy snack food enjoyed by most people as it is loaded with high nutrients and contains amazing health benefits. When it is prepared using sugar, salt, and large quantities of oil it can lead to overeating and health risks. Therefore, preparing the popcorn in the right way is very important. Depending on your preparation method, one can guess how healthy or unhealthy the snack is. In this article, we will help you to know the nutritional facts and the number of calories hot air popcorn contains.

The nutritional facts of popcorn

  • Popcorn is one of the healthy whole grain food which contains high nutritional value
  • Consumption of whole-grain food reduces the risk of heart disease
  • A 100 gram or 3.5 ounces serving of air-popped popcorn contains
    – 36% of the RDI (Magnesium)
    – 18% of the RDI (Iron)
    – 8% of the RDI ( Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine)
    – 36% of the RDI (Phosphorus)
    – 21% of the RDI (Zinc)
    – 13% of the RDI (Copper)
    – 56% of the RDI( Manganese)
  • As it contains around 387 calories, 78 grams of carbs, and 13 grams of protein with 5 grams of fat along with 15 grams of fiber. That makes popcorn a whole grain super packed food with high nutrients containing minerals, vitamins, high fiber contents, etc.

Popcorns are high in Polyphenol Antioxidants

Polyphenols are antioxidants that play a vital role in protecting our cells from the damage caused by free radicals. The presence of high polyphenol antioxidants is associated with numerous health benefits like enhanced digestive health, better blood circulation and it reduces the risk of certain diseases.

As per the research, the presence of dietary fiber in popcorn reduces the risk of various diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. The fiber content in the popcorn promotes digestive health thereby aiding in weight loss. The daily fiber intake for men is 38 grams and 25 grams for women. 3.5 ounces or 100 grams of popcorn contains 15 grams of fiber. As popcorn is a fiber-rich food, it aids in weight loss as it contains low energy density. In an air-popped popcorn containing 31 calories per cup, there are few calories compared to many other snacks.

The air-popped popcorn is derived when the popcorn kernels are heated in hot air till they burst and turn to popcorn. These plain popcorn are low in calories. But when butter or oil is added as flavoring it can increase its calorie content. The air popped unflavored popcorn has low calories, sugar, and fat contents. When popcorn is eaten as a balanced diet, it can greatly help in weight loss. Air-popped, unsweetened, unsalted popcorn is healthy which contains a very low amount of fat and sugar.

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