How do Hot Air Popcorn Poppers Work?

Do you want to know How do Hot Air Popcorn Poppers Work? Well, That’s Amazing. Read this article to know How do Hot Air Popcorn Poppers Work

How do Hot Air Popcorn Poppers Work
How do Hot Air Popcorn Poppers Work

Popcorn is a kind of grain that is obtained throughout the globe. Once these popcorn kernels are popped it becomes a fluffy delicious snack. When heating a kernel of corn, the moisture that is present inside the corn will be transformed to steam extending pressure from inside. The temperatures that are needed to pop the corns are 190 degree Centigrade or 380 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the best ways to pop the popcorn is to heat the kernels evenly neither too hot nor low.

In this article, we will learn how does hot air popcorn poppers work? The hot air popcorn popper works by dispersing the unpopped kernels using hot air. The air popcorn maker has a heating element present in it. It also has a fan and enclosed air route with openings. The popcorn kernels are placed at the top of the vent. As the air gets hot and when it passes through the kernels they will begin to pop like the traditional popcorn popper.

Can butter be added to air-popped popcorn?

In an air popper popcorn machine, butter can be added to the butter melter if required. Underneath the popping tube, place the bowl and switch on the popper. Within two to three minutes, the popping completes. Now add the melted butter on top of the popcorn as seasonings and enjoy the snack. At times your popcorn may end up chewy or soggy. The reason being the heat from the air popper is not distributed evenly.

Can oil be used in air popper?

When you use a hot air popcorn popper, cooking oil is not needed for popping the kernels. If you want to enhance the taste of the popcorn, melted butter can be added by melting some butter on top of the machine. If you prefer to keep the calories low, you can skip adding butter to your popcorn.

How to add salt to the air-popped popcorn?

Take some regular salt and use a chopper or a blender to make a fine mist so that it coats well. The salt crystals will not stick to the popcorn better, if you make a fine powder by using a blender it will be coated evenly.

Cleaning the air popcorn popper

When you want to clean the hot air popcorn machine, the first step is to unplug the machine. Before you start cleaning, ensure that the machine is cooled completely. The next step is to wash the removable parts like the butter melter cup, the cover in warm soapy water. Allow it to completely dry before reusing the machine.

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