Best Oil for Nostalgia Popcorn Machine

Are you looking to get the best oil for nostalgia popcorn machine? Then, read this article to find the best oil for nostalgia popcorn machine

Best Oil for Nostalgia Popcorn Machine
Best Oil for Nostalgia Popcorn Machine


Popcorn is a great choice and a perfect snack to munch on while you are in a movie theater or having a fun time with your family. When the popcorn is prepared using the old-fashioned method you need to be familiar with the type of oil that is being used to prepare it. This article will guide you to know which oil is best for a nostalgia popcorn machine.

The best oils which are used for making popcorn should contain flavor profile, fat contents, and a good smoke point. The temperature at which the oil begins to smoke is called the smoke point. An oil with a high smoke point is very much essential so that the popcorn gets popped up without turning out to be bitter. For a healthy snack, the fat content of the oil is also a determining factor.

1) Refined coconut oil

As the refined coconut oil has a smoke point of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it is best to use for popping the corn. It gives a rich flavor of butter without making the popcorn soggy. Coconut oil serving size contains 14 grams of saturated fat and hence it is not the healthiest choice of oil, but can be used occasionally for both on traditional popcorn machines and stovetop popcorn. The online reviews for Franklin’s Gourmet popcorn coconut oil give the same golden color and taste for the popcorn.


  • It is an healthy oil
  • Versatile oil that can be used for cooking a variety of foods
  • Can be stored easily
  • Does not contain trans fat


  • Some people may not like the aroma of the oil

2) Avocado oil

The smoke point of avocado oil is 500°F and it is the best choice for people who want to enjoy a healthy treat. It contains 14 grams of healthy fat per serving and gives the choicest healthy taste of butter without adding more calories. The avocado oil can be used to prepare the popcorn either on the stovetop or for a nostalgia popcorn machine. The cost of the oil is slightly on the higher side but is a good choice if you are a health-conscious person.


  • High smoke point suitable for popping the corns
  • A healthy choice of oil
  • Can prepare tasty popcorns
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Prevents bloating


  • The price of the oil is slightly higher

3) Refined olive oil

The refined olive oil has a smoke point of 410 degrees Fahrenheit and is the best choice to prepare popcorn. The extra virgin olive oil has an even lesser smoke point and the taste does not affect the flavor of the dish. If you want to enjoy a buttery taste, you can add some toppings like butter-flavored salt or clarified butter after popping the corn. The refined olive oil contains monosaturated fats and per serving of olive oil comprises 13 grams of fat.


  • High smoke point suitable for popping the corns
  • Healthy oil and is great for cooking
  • Gives a delicious taste to the dish


  • Care should be taken to avoid the popcorn from getting burnt
  • Expensive

4) Canola oil

Canola oil is an alternative to coconut oil, the smoking point of this oil is 430 degrees Fahrenheit and it does not contain much-saturated fat, but contains polyunsaturated, and monosaturated fats. The canola oil has a pleasant flavor that makes it popular.


  • Best choice for health-conscious people
  • High smoke point
  • The food that is cooked using canola oil tastes delicious


  • Comparatively cheaper
  • People who do not like the flavor may find it uneasy

5) Sunflower oil

The smoke point of sunflower oil is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The oil contains all the essential nutrients that are useful to your skin, brain, and blood. It also has a high level of vitamin E and per serving size contains 14 grams of healthy fats. The flavor of the dish can be changed as sunflower oil gives a nutty flavor. This is the best choice for high-temperature cooking.


  • High smoke point
  • Best to preserve
  • Can be used in a variety of dishes
  • Tastes better


  • Does not have the same nutritional health benefits as other oils
  • Not very expensive

6) vegetable oil

The vegetable oil has a smoke point of 420 degrees Fahrenheit and it is similar to the canola oil when it comes to the fat content, price, and texture. The major difference between the two is the vegetable oil made using soybeans and the canola oil prepared using rapeseed. There will not be any changes in the taste of popcorn as the vegetable oil has a mild flavor.


  • High smoke points
  • Contains monounsaturated fats
  • Gives a neutral taste


  • May not be the healthiest choice
  • May cause damage to your heart because of the trans fat

7) Peanut oil

The peanut oil is best suited for deep frying the food as it has a smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Peanut oil is low in unhealthy fats and has a fat content of 14 grams per serving. If the oil is prepared using roasted peanuts, it gives a strong peanut aroma with a mild flavor.


  • Great for popping the corns as they do not affect the flavor of the dish
  • Gives a delicious taste
  • Packed with vitamins and antioxidants


  • May cause allergic reaction in some people
  • Can add few extra calories to the dish

8) Bacon Grease

This is an old-fashioned oil, the per serving size contains 13 grams of fat and has a smoke point of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This may not be a healthier choice to prepare popcorn. It can give the popcorn a smoky flavor.


  • Makes the dish more delicious
  • High smoke point


  • Not the best choice for health-conscious people
  • Not everyone likes the taste of the dish cooked using Bacon grease

9) Safflower oil

The Safflower oil has a high smoke point and can be used on stove tops or for commercial popcorn machines. It is the best choice for popping the corn as it has a smoke point of 510 degrees Fahrenheit. The fat content of the oil is 14 grams.


  • High smoke point
  • Gives a good flavor and aroma
  • Low in saturated fat
  • It is the perfect oil to cook popcorn and prepare other dishes


  • It May lead to weight gain if consumed excessively

10) Grapeseed oil

The Grapeseed oil is filled with omega -6 fatty acids that are beneficial for your heart when consumed in moderation. The oil contains only 14 grams of fat, and the taste of the oil is similar to extra virgin olive oil and has a fairly neutral flavor.


  • Rich in omega-6 fatty acids
  • High smoke point
  • Can be used to prepare various dishes


  • Must be used in moderation as it is high in fa

Frequently asked questions

1) Which is the healthiest oil that can be used to pop the corns?

Many healthy oils are available to prepare popcorn. Avocado oil is the best choice and the healthiest oil that you can use to pop popcorn as it contains healthy fats and antioxidants. It also contains lutein which supports eye health. The cold-pressed avocado oil helps in preserving all the nutrients. Extra virgin olive oil also has the same health benefits as Avocado oil. But the extra virgin olive oil has a low smoke point and hence refined olive oil is a better choice. When the olive oil is refined, most of the nutrients are lost and the oil will have fewer health benefits. Moreover, there is no creamy texture in olive oil like the avocado oil and hence more butter must be added to get that creamy taste.

2) Which oil is the best to be used in a commercial popcorn machine?

Coconut oil is the best oil to be used in a commercial popcorn machine. In most of the movie theaters, they use a mixture of both coconut and canola oils. If you want to get the real movie theater popcorn experience, make use of flavacol popcorn salt and coconut oil. They give a buttery, salty movie theater popcorn taste.

3) Can oil be added to a hot air popcorn maker?

Many hot air popcorn makers have researched and concluded that no oil can be added to the machine. Extremely hot air is used to pop the popcorn and hence oil is not needed. The unit can be damaged if oil is added to it. Once the popcorn is popped, melted butter can be added to the popcorn for enhancing its flavor.


Popcorn is the favorite food and is loved by both kids and adults. People love to munch on popcorn to get the movie theater taste. Use the coconut oil with some flavacol salt to get the same flavor as you get in a movie theater. If you want a healthy version, make use of avocado oil. Hope this article has helped you to choose the best oil to prepare delicious popcorn.


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