About ME

A Short & Crisp Introduction To Know About Me:

about me

My name is Paul, I am a foodie who loves to eat popcorn and watching movies, chilling all day. I love to cook food and share recipes and product reviews here. I am a person who loves to eat, sleep, watch tv and repeat. I am pretty happy with my lifestyle. My hobbies are playing chess, watching series, and publishing new popcorn recipes, popcorn cooking tutorials & buyer guide for popcorn related products which will let you decide what product fits your requirement. You’re gonna learn all the things I knew through this blog and master your cooking skills with new recipes and cooking methods. I love food and that’s the only thing in the world which I love the most to be very honest with you.

What experience I’ve on cooking:

I know to cook 91+ popcorn recipes, 143+ pizza recipes, 58+ cake recipes, 92+ steak recipes, etc… I have mastered catering courses. I have been cooking for a couple of decades so I am pretty good at cooking. I have been working for 5-star hotels and famous restaurants for more than 14 years. I’ve gained a lot of experiences which I am really happy to share with you guys to make you learn all the things I knew. So keep visiting my blog often I might share new awesome recipes and much more useful stuff related to food

What I like the most and eat often:

Chettinad Crab, Butter Popcorn, French Fries, Hamburger, Mozzarella Cheese Pizza, Black Coffee, Fried Chicken, Hot dog, Shawarma, Kebab, Barbeque fish, Lamb fry, Slow-Cooked Lamb Curry, Beef Steak, Spicy Prawn Gravy, Chicken Steaks, etc…

I love eating Snacks, Cake, Puffs, Drinking fresh juice. I usually prefer eating vegetables regularly to maintain good health but I don’t like sticking to diet plans looking at weight gains and limiting myself from eating the food and yes, it’s necessary to take care of health so I do take care of things and balance my lifestyle. I too go for small walks every day in the park and I love to watch and enjoy the beautiful nature. Fitness is a must that shouldn’t be failed either. I don’t eat processed food

I love music which is very slow and pleasant to hear. I also play games like Monopoly, Chess, UNO cards. I play both indoor and outdoor games. I usually play golf, cards when I go out. The activities I love other than cooking are swimming, partying, visiting the beach. I love to take apples with me where ever I go. I eat apples and drink coffee more than 10 times a day

I eat 7 full meals a day and I still crave for the next meal. Hope now you know about me very well 🙂 Hope I didn’t bore you with my bio, Cheers to you!