How To Clean a Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Are you looking to clean a commercial popcorn machine? Well, it’s simple and easy, Let’s see How to clean a commercial popcorn machine here in this guide

How to clean a commercial popcorn machine
How to clean a commercial popcorn machine


Popcorn comes as the favorite munching snack for kids and adults. It is an all-time favorite snack that is chosen by most people when they visit a movie theater, park, or stroll on the streets. The flavor of the popcorn is enhanced when it is added with more ingredients like butter, pepper, salt, lemon, etc. Kids love to eat pop mixed with salt and butter. Popcorn is a profit generator when the popcorn machine is kept in good working condition. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine are important to maintain hygiene and to attract customers and earn revenue for your business. Regular maintenance will keep the popcorn tastier. Moreover, the durability and life expectancy of the machine will be extended with good supervision. The maintenance cost can be reduced and the sales will increase as more people are attracted to hygienic food after the pandemic. In this article, we will learn how to clean a commercial popcorn popper machine.

Cleaning the popcorn machine

  • The first step is to ensure that the heating switches and lights are turned off before unplugging the machine
  • As these popcorn machines function at a high temperature, give ample time for the machine to cool down
  • The kettle must be cleaned using a damp towel, but ensure that the electrical parts are not submerged in water
  • Use ammonia-free glass cleaner for wiping clean the glasses
  • The kettle and the metal surfaces must be wiped using a damp towel. The food-safe cleaner must be used on the surfaces where food is placed.

Cleaning the Kettle

  • If there is heavy grease that is built up in the kettle, the kettle must get boiled out to make it clean
  • With two cups of water and a specific cleaning ingredient clean the kettle
  • After the kettle is brought to a boil, turn off the power and unplug it
  • The liquid must be poured into a container after the completion of the specified time by the kettle cleaner
  • Finally, rinse and wipe the kettle

There are also certain precautions and safety measures one has to follow while cleaning the commercial popcorn machine. Failing to adhere to it leads to serious damage. While cleaning the commercial popcorn machine, follow these instructions carefully.

  • A person below 18 years should not be allowed to clean the kettle because of its extremely high temperate which may result in causing damage. Allow only the experienced operators to handle the cleaning process
  • Never use bare hands for cleaning purposes, always use protective gloves to clean that will prevent your bare hands from coming in contact with the cleaner
  • Ensure that an ammonia-free cleaner is used as it does not cause lasting harm. Whereas ammonia is more harmful if it comes in contact with the food particles and also on metals and plastics
  • Keep all the unused supplies away and safe while the cleaning process is on


The popcorn machine cleaning technique is quite simple, once the machine and kettle are cleaned, they can be used from the very next day. The daily cleaning and the maintenance of the popper machine aids in keeping the functionality of the machine in good condition as more people buy popcorn whenever they visit a movie theater or a shopping mall. Therefore, it is vital to keep the popcorn machine clean so that the popcorn flavor is enhanced, the pop kernels are more efficient and the life span of the machine can be expanded. Hope this article has guided you to know the commercial popcorn machine cleaning process in detail.

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