How To Make Popcorn in a Commercial Popcorn Machine?

Do you want to know How To Make Popcorn in a Commercial Popcorn Machine? Well, That’s not that difficult. Let’s see how to do it in this post

How To Make Popcorn in a Commercial Popcorn Machine
How To Make Popcorn in a Commercial Popcorn Machine

The joy of tasting freshly popped corn is immense. A lot of popcorn machines are available in the market which includes a stirring popcorn maker, air popper, large popcorn machine, etc. The results that you get from all these popcorn machines are truly great. They all have their unique way of preparing with a slightly different strategy. In this article, we will see How to use a commercial popcorn machine.

Making popcorn using a large commercial popcorn machine

The items that are needed to make popcorn using a commercial popcorn machine are popcorn kernels, popcorn machine, any oil of your choice (3 tablespoons), bag or bowl, measuring devices, and some seasonings. Begin with pouring three tablespoons of oil into the popcorn machine once it is switched on. When the oil begins to sizzle, test the oil’s heat by adding one corn kernel. Once it starts to pop, you can add the remaining kernels into it and close it. Within two or three minutes, you will hear the sound of the popcorn kernels popping and they will fall out of the hopper and collected at the bottom. Now it’s time to remove the popcorn out and switch off the machine. Add your favorite seasoning to it and serve the fresh hot popcorn to relish your snack.

The way to prepare popcorn using a stirring popcorn maker

The ingredients that are needed: include a stirring popcorn machine, popcorn kernels, measuring appliances, oil for popping, seasoning, and bowl. A stirring popcorn maker comes with a metal and a large dome-shaped lid. The bowl must be turned upside down and fixed to the base and locked to avoid spilling. Then add the popcorn kernels and some oil to the device. The process is easy as it comes with a detachable portion. You can add the ingredients by just opening the detachable portion. At this point don’t add butter as it will likely burn the popcorn. The oil of your choice can be used like coconut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, or even vegetable oil.

In case your model of the machine contains a reservoir for storing butter, you can add butter at this point. The butter will start to drip on the popcorn as it begins to pop and it will be coated evenly. Ensure to close the lid before you switch on the plug. Some models will start automatically. Depending on your popcorn kernels and their freshness, the popcorn will begin to pop. Once they are done, it stops popping. Switch off the machine and overturn it, so that the popcorn will fall into the serving bowl. Season it and serve, it will take only a few minutes to compile the whole process.

Making popcorn using hot air popper

The items that are needed to make popcorn using hot air popper are popcorn bowl, air popper, seasonings and measuring spoons. While you make popcorn using hot air popper, the popcorn will be more fluffy. It wont even have the oil coating on it. To make the healthier version of popcorn, you can even choose how much quantity of butter and salt you use in the recipe. Before Plugging in the popper, ensure that all the ingredients are kept ready. Place the large bowl underneath the spout so that the popcorn kernels will fall into it. Some of the machines will contain a measuring device to measure how much popcorn kernels must be put in. Then pour the kernels on the top of the device by removing the guard and closing it after all the kernels are dropped in. Keep the melted butter ready. Most of the machines will also contain a measuring reservoir to melt the butter. Switch on the machine, in a few minutes, the pop kernels will begin to pop up and once they are done, it falls to the bowl. Season it with your favorite seasoning and enjoy the fresh hot popcorn.

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