Best Commercial Popcorn Machine (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Are you looking to start a commercial popcorn business? Then you’re at the right place to pick the best commercial popcorn machine that suits your needs and requirements

Have you ever wanted to fly off to the land of popcorn? Probably, yes right?, we Americans want to do that. Because an average American is consuming nearly 58 quarts of popcorn on an average. Shocking, right!

Keeping the fact aside, Owning a Popcorn business is pretty lucrative and profitable if planned better beforehand. One such, important factor is owning the best popcorn machine that fits all our needs.

So, considering all the requirements and intricacies intact, we have listed down the best commercial popcorn machines that are available in the market.

Therefore, I urge you to navigate through the entire article to make your purchase wise.

Top 8 Best Commercial Popcorn Machines

Before purchasing a popcorn maker machine, a primary requirement choose in the machine is its volume. If you like to make popcorn in the huge quantity then go for a 20 oz popcorn machine.
Or if you like to make the medium quantity of popcorn, then go for 16 oz to 8 oz popcorn machine and for the small quantity of popcorn, then go for 6 oz to 2.5 oz popcorn machine.
To summerise, we have listed the top 8 Best commercial Popcorn Machines with regards to our research.

Great Northern Popcorn 83-NA6006

If you wish to prefer the large capacity kettle, then this Northern popcorn machine will be the best popcorn maker you, because it holds about 20 oz capacity that nearly serves 10 gallons of popcorn per batch. When it comes to the quality features of the machine, it is made out of Power coated steel outer surface, stainless steel kettle gives it an elegant look. And the presence of tempered glass panels will protect the large popcorn making from any type of damage. The 3 working functions are designed based on future technology, where it consists of warmer, stirrer, and pot heater. Each of these functions is user-friendly and can operate very easily for spot sale. In addition, this popcorn maker machine has an all-metal gearbox and an old maids drawer that collects the unpopped kernels into it. Especially, it has the warmer deck to keep the popcorn warm until you serve them. 50 popcorn serving bags, Measuring cups, 3 Plastic serving bags along with a scoop are provided with the popcorn maker machine as accessories.
This large kettle capacity popcorn maker is ideal for the movie theatre, schools and to be sold in public places.


  • Serves about 10 gallons of popcorn per batch
  • Larger Kettle capacity – 20 Oz
  • Spot warming switch
  • Warmer deck keeps the popcorn warm for a longer duration
  • Extra accessories
  • Old maid drawer which collects the unpopped kernels
  • Durable material


  • Costs expensive
  • Weighs more

Great Northern Popcorn Company 6222 GNP

This is a medium commercial popcorn popper machine from great northern popcorn makers with the kettle capacity of 16 oz. The commercial quality of this 16 oz popcorn machine consists of stainless steel kettle, tempered glass, and an old maid drawer. The servings of this machine are 7 gallons per batch and make it useful at churches, Varsity clubs, schools, daycare centers, etc. The stainless steel body allows easy cleaning.
The 1600 watts superpower is supplied to the machine so, that it yields more popcorn within no time. The warmer deck also maintains the aroma of popcorn perfectly until the last serve. The 16 oz popcorn machine has a stylish design compared to other popcorn machines with the same capacity.


  • Durable with stainless steel construction with tempered glass
  • 16 oz capacity kettle
  • Warmer deck, and all-metal gearbox
  • Serves 7 gallons per batch
  • 1600 watts power supply
  • 3 control switches
  • Side vented fan
  • Accessories like the kettle, popcorn, oil scoops are provided
  • It has 5 years of warranty
  • Anti-skid and scratch-proof rubber base


  • Little expensive
  • Faulty pin tabs

Great Northern 6210 Pop Heaven Commercial Quality Popcorn Popper Machine

Here comes another popcorn maker from Great Northern popcorn with a capacity of 12 ounces. The uniqueness of this 12 oz popcorn machine is the safe delivery, the stock wall packer and with extra packing makes it deliver safer. This machine has the stylish design made out of coated powder steel with the tempered glass i.e 40 % thicker than normal. And the inner materials are made with stainless steel which prevents it from damage for a longer duration. It takes 1350 watts power that is enough to yield 7 gallons of popcorn per batch.


  • 12 oz kettle capacity
  • 1350 watts power wattage
  • 7 gallons of popcorn per batch
  • Safest delivery
  • Stainless steel materials
  • 3 control switch – spot warmer, stirrer, pot heater
  • Thicker tempered glass
  • Additional accessories of kettle and oil scoops
  • Warranty for this product is 5 years


  • Problem with door latches
  • Lowers heat after long use

Great Northern Popcorn 5995 Cart Popper Machine

Uniquely, this model of Great Northern popcorn maker machine is provided with a 36-inch movable cart. The cart model of this might be one of the best commercial popcorn poppers of the great northern brand. 18 inches of ball bearing included wheels are available to give the smooth start. This cart also has the storage area for the popcorn supply. The whole machine runs by the 850 watts instead of 640 watts that yields nearly 12 quarts of popcorn per batch. Even though the kettle capacity is 10 oz it pops the kernel with less time and keeps it warmer for longer duration in the warmer deck. The 10 oz popcorn machine can be used separately without keeping it on the cart. Including the additional accessories, this 10 oz popcorn machine is best to run near schools, churches, amusements, etc.


  • Yields 12 quarts of popcorn per batch
  • Kettle capacity is about 10 oz
  • Takes 850 watts of power
  • Best in Commercial cart popcorn makers model
  • Storage rack for popcorn supply
  • 36-inch cart with 18-inch ball bearing wheels
  • Powder-coated steel outer and stainless steel inner materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Presence of 3 control switch with warmer deck
  • Can be used as a tabletop popcorn maker without the cart
  • Product warranty is 5 years


  • Needs to fix the cart by ourselves
  • Bad quality control

Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie Theater Style

All the commercial popcorn poppers come with the warranty in terms of years after the purchase but this Matinee movie theatre style of Great Northern company comes with the 30 days limited warranty on all movable parts of the machine. We need to appreciate the great step taken by the manufacturer to eliminate the damaged products that happen during delivery time. This antique elegant red colored popcorn machine comes with a capacity of 8 oz. The power wattage of 860 watts produces 2-3 gallons of popcorn per batch. The stylish design of this 8 oz popcorn machine attracts the consumers with the antique design along with modern touch.
This machine consumes 860 watts of power and delivers 3 gallons of popcorn per batch.


  • Kettle Capacity is 8 oz
  • 30 days limited warranty on consumer parts
  • Yield nearly 2-3 gallons of popcorn per batch
  • Antique design
  • Warmer deck with 3 control switches
  • Power wattage is 860 watts
  • Accessories like popcorn and oil scoops
  • Made out of tempered glass, powder steel, and stainless steel bowl
  • Product warranty is 3 years
  • Safer Packing


  • Not a user-friendly one
  • Poor internal design

Great Northern Popcorn Foundation Vintage Style Popcorn Machine and Cart

This is another cart model from the great northern popcorn machine manufacturers. The vintage/ retro looking popcorn machine is trending most to attract its customers. Especially, this machine comes with a cart in vintage style in different colors. This is really quite- noiseless machine thought it runs with 560 watts of power. This has a small kettle capacity of 6 oz and it makes nearly 2 gallons of popcorn per batch. The warmer deck keeps the popcorn warm for extra time until you serve it. The cart included by the machine consists of 18 ball-bearing wheels for smooth mobility. The 6 oz popcorn machine is perfectly designed and made with tempered glass that is scratch proof. It also has the 30 days limited warranty on the kettle and bulbs that can be replaced when damaged within 30 days after the date of delivery. Unlike the above models, this 6 oz popcorn machine has only 2 control switches.


  • Available with cart
  • Very silent in making popcorn
  • 30 days limited warranty for kettle and bulb
  • Warmer deck
  • 560 watts power wattage
  • Yields around 2 gallons of popcorn per batch
  • Kettle capacity is 6 oz
  • 2 control switches
  • Cart includes 18 ball-bearing wheels
  • Supply storage in the cart


  • Minor assembly is needed for cart
  • Bad shipping

Great Northern Popcorn Foundation Old-Fashioned Popcorn Popper and Cart

Cart included commercial popcorn poppers are mostly chosen by the popcorn sellers who want to start up their business. If you want to start a small one then this great northern popcorn machine with cart is the best option to choose. The capacity held by its kettle is about 4 oz and can operate by only 2 control switches namely pop and light. The cart of this 4 oz popcorn machine has storage in its that is large enough to supply stores and other accessories with 16-inch diameter large wheels. This runs over 530 watts power wattage to make enough 1 gallon of popcorn per batch. The design and material used in manufacturing this popcorn maker machine are highly strong where the glass is tempered and the door is made out of polycarbonate. This 4 oz popcorn machine has accessories like kernel tray, oil, popcorn, and kernel scoop. You can have 3 years of warranty on the product and 30 days limited warranty on the kettle and bulb.


  • Suitable for small startup popcorn selling
  • The kettle has 4 oz of capacity
  • Gives 1 gallon of popcorn per batch
  • Power wattage is about 530 watts
  • Product warranty is 3 years, 30 days limited warranty on kettle and bulb
  • 2 control switches
  • 16-inch diameter wheels for cart
  • Provided accessories
  • The cart has a storage rack


  • Minor assembly is needed
  • Little expensive

6072 Great Northern Black Little Bambino Table Top Retro Machine Popcorn Popper

Look at this cute little countertop popcorn maker machine. This is the smallest among all the products we mentioned above. It has the unique feature, a removable serving tray that which we can remove the serving tray after the kernels have popped. The little one comes with only 2.5 oz capacity of the kettle. The retro design of the machine gives a perfect look and best for smaller startups as well. This 2.5 oz popcorn machine has a power wattage of 330 watts with 2 control switch. In general, the smaller versions don’t consist of stirrer option, but this popcorn maker machine has the built-in stirring system in it. However, the removable serving tray will never leave any residue in the machine so that we can clan it very easily with just a wipe and the tray is also dishwasher safe. This 2.5 oz popcorn machine also includes accessories like measuring cups, measuring scoop, and a manual. A warranty of 90 days gives on the product and 30 days on the kettle.


  • The unique feature of a removable serving tray
  • Weighs less
  • Portable
  • 2.5 oz kettle capacity
  • 2 control switch with a built-in stirring system
  • Yields 1 gallon of popcorn per batch
  • 90-day warranty on product and 30 days warranty on the kettle
  • Power wattage of 330 watts
  • Provides accessories


  • Minor assembly is needed
  • Average quality


In order to make your popcorn business successful, knowing your machine requirements is the first thing to do. Again, it all depends upon the capacity, serving time, features, and finally price.
I hope we have given enough information on the best commercial popcorn makers that are available in the market now. Now, it’s your turn to choose your best pick.
Still, if you face any confusion in choosing one please, let us know in the comment section. We are happy to help you

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