How to Get Popcorn Kernel Out of Gums?

Do you wanna know How to Get Popcorn Kernel Out of Gums? Well, I understand your frustrating situation. Read this article for easy solutions.

How to Remove a Popcorn Kernel Stuck in My Gums
How to Remove a Popcorn Kernel Stuck in My Gums

Any food particles stuck in between your teeth can be irritating. While you relish your favorite popcorn snack, the popcorn kernel that is stuck in your teeth or under your gum has to be removed. In this article, we will see how to remove a popcorn kernel that is stuck under your gum or out from your gum.

How to Get a Popcorn Kernel Out from Under Your Gum

Here are certain easy ways on how to get a popcorn kernel out of your gums

  • Use a floss or toothpick
  • Brush it out
  • Use salt water to rinse

Method 1) Flossing

The simple way to remove the popcorn out of your gum is to floss. Do not just push the popcorn hull deep into your gum by being aggressive as you try to remove it from your gums. You need to be gentle by placing the floss in between your teeth. The floss must move up and down or back and forth gently. The floss should go deeper reaching the gum line so that the debris will be loosened. You must repeat the same process with the other side of your teeth. Once the waste particles collected come out of the teeth, rinse your mouth with water. This can help you to remove the popcorn kernels out of your gum.

Method 2) Brushing

Flossing is an effective and a best way to remove the popcorn that is stuck in your gum. Another way to extract the popcorn hull is to brush your teeth. There is a technique that you need to follow while brushing. You must hold your brush at 45 degree angle close to the gum line. Brush gently towards the base of your gum if the popcorn hull is stuck on your upper teeth. But if the popcorn is stuck on your lower teeth, you need to brush upwards from the base of your gum as your intention is to remove the popcorn kernel out of your gum. It is recommended that one has to brush for about two minutes and at least twice a day. Proper brushing includes brushing all the sides that include the inner surface, the outer surface, and the chewing surfaces.

Method 3) Rinsing

One more easy method to get the popcorn kernel out of the gum is to use salt water to rinse to remove any debris out of your gum. The warm salt water can give temporary relief to any gum irritation. You can do the saltwater rinse up to two or three times a day. Overdoing it can result in damaging the enamel.


I hope by now you have tried all the top methods on how to get popcorn kernel out of gum and got a solution, but still after trying all the above methods and you are still unable to remove the popcorn hull, then it is time to see a dentist. The dentists will have multiple instruments to remove without causing any harm to your gum or teeth. Hope this article has helped you to get the answer for removing the popcorn kernel out from your gum.

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