How Long to Microwave Popcorn?

Are you looking to know How Long to Microwave Popcorn? Well, That’s a good question. Read this article to find out How Long to Microwave Popcorn.

How long to Microwave popcorn

Preparing popcorn in the Microwave is easy. You just need to have a paper bag. Ensure that there are no metal bits or staples in the paper bag. Also, if the paper bag has any holes, it can easily be torn, and the kernels will come out as it begins to pop. The paper bags can be reused many times.

If you are a health-conscious person and your intake of oily food is limited, this is the best way to make popcorn. There is no need for any oil for popping the kernels. When the microwave rays enter the kernels, the moisture present in the corn will be turned into steam, and it begins to pop even without oil.

Adding some oil to the kernels will not cause any significant changes, but it will enhance the flavor of the dish. If you prefer to reuse the paper bag, it would be better not to add any oil to it. You can add some oil or melted butter once the popping is done.

How long to cook popcorn in Microwave?

You must pay attention to the popping sound. When the popping sound begins to slow down for about two seconds between the pops, it is time to put off the Microwave. If you still keep the popcorn for longer, then it will result in burnt or scorched popcorn.

How long must the popcorn be put in Microwave?

Each Microwave will have its own popping time. The total popping time will vary from one Microwave to another. Normally, it will take about two to four minutes. On cooking once or twice you will be familiarized with the popping time that it takes in your Microwave. Depending on the timings, you can cook the future batches.

Topping up your popcorn

The popcorn can be eaten without any toppings or added ingredients. When you want to enhance the flavor of the popcorn, you can add some ingredients like butter, salt, or other spices. Some people would even love to add some coconut oil with a sprinkle of salt. It greatly depends on your taste buds.

Ingredients / Equipment that is needed

5 x 3 x 11 inches brown paper lunch box and a large serving bowl is needed. The ingredients that are needed include ¼ cup of popcorn kernels, a little salt, melted butter, or oils for seasoning. You can use any oils like canola, coconut as per your taste.

The instructions are very simple

  • Measure the required popcorn kernels into the paper bag
  • At the top of the paper bag, give two to three folders and crease the seam to close it
  • Microwave for about two to four minutes on high
  • As the popping sound is reduced and is slowed down to about two seconds, it is an indication that your popcorn is ready.
  • Depending upon the type of Microwave, the popping process can vary between two to four minutes.
  • Once the noise is slowed down, remove it from the Microwave or else, it will burn.
  • Do not wait for all the kernels to pop, as there will be some unpopped kernels.

Homemade Microwave popcorn is simple to prepare. I hope this article has helped you to know how long to Microwave the popcorn.

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