Who Invented Microwave Popcorn?

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Who Invented Microwave Popcorn
Who Invented Microwave Popcorn

The only method that was used to prepare popcorn was using a stove or an air popper. In early 1980, Microwave popcorn came into the scene. While a worker from Raytheon Corporation named Dr. Percy Spencer was examining magnetron came to discover that the bar of chocolate that he had kept in his pocket was melted when he stood in front of a high-powered vacuum tube that produces microwaves. As his curiosity increased, he continued to experiment with other food items. When popcorn kernels were placed beside it, they started to pop, which led to the invention of the microwave.

Raytheon is specialized in creating machines and electronic devices, and revolutionary inventions. One of those food products made by the worker of Raytheon was microwave popcorn. The patent for the invention of microwave popcorn goes to Percy Spencer. Most often, the credit for Microwave popcorn is given to General Mills because, after the invention of the product, he later worked and improved the initial product quality. The history behind microwave popcorn and microwave is lengthy. Many people and several companies have worked hard to improve the packing and flavoring of microwave popcorn.

During the 1960s, some popcorn kernels were placed in a paper bag and made to pop. Not all the popcorn kernels popped. Few were burnt without popping. All the credit must go to Dr. Percy Spencer, who was vigorously experimenting with a new kind of vacuum tube known as magnetron and his experiment with the food led to the invention of Microwave popcorn. Even though the patent to microwave popcorn is held by Dr. Spencer, the patent of the Microwave popping bag goes to David Andreas and Lawrence Brandberg.

Now, the passion for microwave popcorn has developed higher, and it has led to a greater appetite for popcorn lovers as it has become the rapidly growing segment in the industry. Five major brands are highly in demand like the

Apart from these, there are also many other small companies. The unadulterated popcorn has low calories and low sodium content. But at the same time, it is rich in fiber. Some of the manufacturers are pointing that microwave popcorn isn’t that great. Even though it is simple and easy to prepare, there don’t come with preservation or artificial flavors. Researchers have discovered few PFCs in microwave popcorn bags that contain chemicals as PFCs are toxic to the human body.

The overall summary is that microwave popcorn is a convenient food that comes with a sealed paper bag that needs to be heated in a microwave oven before consumption. The bag has a sufficient quantity of saturated fat and cooking oil along with seasonings like salt and other artificial flavors. Different manufacturers produce different flavors, and these microwave popcorn bags can resist popped kernel scorching. Carefully follow all the safety instructions that are mentioned on the packet, as following the safety instructions is vital.

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