How to Make Kettle Corn with Microwave Popcorn?

how to make kettle corn with microwave popcorn
how to make kettle corn with microwave popcorn

Preparing homemade microwave popcorn is cheaper and much healthier than those stored packages that you get in the market. The preparation of microwave kettle corn is simple and it gives fabulous results. Once you catch the taste of these snacks you cannot resist them. The kettle corn is salty and sweet but it is not as much sweet as the caramel corn. The preparation of microwave popcorn is simple and it contains less fat and sugar. We will look into the method to prepare kettle corn with microwave popcorn.

  • Take a Microwave-safe bowl of about 2.5 to 3 qt and a vented microwave cover
  • Take Some popcorn kernels, sea salt, and some brown sugar
  • Canola oil, coconut oil, or butter for enhancing the flavor of the popcorn
  • You can also add some cinnamon powder to the mixture
  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and microwave it for 20 to 30 seconds till the butter is melted
  • Now add the kernels to this mixture. Let it rest at the bottom of the bowl. As the popcorn pops, it will yield flavourful results. All the popcorn is coated well enough.
  • Use the vented lid to cover the bowl and microwave for about three to four minutes.
  • You can hear the kernels popping, when all the sound of the popping has stopped, remove it from the Microwave.
  • Remove it to another serving bowl before the sugar at the bottom gets harder.

Kettle corn is simple to prepare and is a healthy snack. It is not time-consuming, you can prepare this dish within three minutes. Kettle corn has a sweet and savory taste. The kettle corn can also be prepared in a brown paper lunch bag. Before you put the kernels inside the paper bag, mix all the ingredients so that they will be coated well, and then place the brown paper bag inside the Microwave. Fold the paper bag over a few times before placing them inside the microwave. Wait till all the kernels have popped before removing it from the Microwave.

Certain brown paper bags that are used are weak, as it allows the oil to soak easily. Certain paper bags have a wax coating, where the oil does not leak out. It tastes delicious when it is popped using coconut oil. The kernels that are being used, do not matter as all the different kernels pop the same manner. Popping the kernels using coconut oil is magical and topping some maple sugar is awesome. This article has helped to make kettle corn using Microwave popcorn one of the quickest and easy treats that you can relish with your family at home.

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