Can bunnies eat popcorn? (A Must-Read)

Can bunnies eat popcorn? Ever got this question in your mind. Then you got to check out this guide to know whether can bunnies eat popcorn or not

Can bunnies eat popcorn?
Can bunnies eat popcorn?

Do you have a bunny at your place? Do you like to feed him or her with different foods? If yes, then there might be a chance to have a thought if it can be feed with popcorn or not. If the same question hits your mind, then it is a suggestion that do not choose food without knowing the consequences. If you choose popcorn or any food without knowing the consequences, it will lead to chaos.

Here the discussion is about can bunnies have popcorn or not, and within no time, you will have an answer. Go through this article appropriately and then further reach any of the Conclusions. Until and unless you have a clear answer available, do not feed bunnies with popcorn at all.

Can Bunnies eat popcorn?

If one wants to get a clear answer, then it would be “NO.” Popcorn is not the right choice to feed Bunny. It is a must that if you are looking forward to feed your Bunny with something healthy, then look for the product in depth and also the consequences before infesting into it. Considering the fact that it does not affect his health, behavior, and daily activities.

Not a right choice to conclude that popcorn is toxic. But there might be some health issues which may arise aftermath. If you are not aware of such issues, then a few of them are mentioned in the below. This will help you to understand why it is a big “NO’’ to popcorn for your Bunny.


Digestive issues

Even though popcorn is not toxic, it’ll cause digestive issues. There might be chances the digestion system of the Bunny is very sensitive. Therefore avoid such kinds of foods. In case by any chance you feed the Bunny with unnecessary popcorns or consumption of high intake may lead issues relating to digestion. This may result in bad digestion as well. So it’s a big “NO’’ for popcorns. The hull of the kernel is indigestible, which makes corn a risk for blockages. Bunnies evolved to survive on grass, herbs or small shrubs, etc. so intake of high carbs may lead to digest issues at any cost.

Intake of High content carbohydrate popcorn slows the gut down, that it stops moving things through as quickly, which could lead to stasis. Also, large amounts of carbohydrate can cause imbalance of the beneficial GI bacteria, leading to diarrhea.

Weight gain

If you feel your Bunny is enjoying it, you will try to feed him more with popcorn. But in advance, it is a must for you to understand that it is contributing to weight gain as well. If you are feeding him regularly with popcorns, then someday problems may rise relate to obesity, this will not let him be in active state for longer duration . They tend to be sluggish which will make them not do daily routines willingly. Thus, choose wisely.

Mood swings

As animals have five senses and can’t communicate orally it’s understandable. But he can portray the same with his behavior. There might be chances that after consuming popcorns, your Bunny may behave in an inappropriate way, which is inacceptable. Sometimes due to some unnecessary issues which takes place inside the body of a pet reflects through his behavior. The same is the scenario when you are feeding Bunnies with popcorn, and there might be something that contributes to have a change in his behavior. Therefore be assured about it.


Bloating is one of the issues which may arise. Therefore avoid feeding Bunnies unnecessarily with popcorn. If you feel that Bunnies are enjoying the taste of popcorns and he becomes habitual of it, and then try not to feed him again and again. If you wish, you can fix the same on alternative days but in a limited quantity. If the quantity exceeds, it may let to issues.

These are the basic issues that may arise if you are feeding your Bunny with popcorns. If you feel like that there is no such issue arising at first, then you are on the wrong track. After some time, you will be able to notice the changes, and will realize you have feed him inappropriately. Consult with a veterinary doctor. He’ll clear your doubts and suggest whether popcorns are the right choice for your Bunnies or not.


So as to conclude popcorns are not the right choice for your Bunny. Make sure you are always considering the fact that giving him healthy foods contributes good health. If you are feeding him with unnecessary stuff, it may create unnecessary issues, which leads to some allergy as well. If you do not want to face the same issue, you must be asking the doctors about it, and plan a diet accordingly. Thus, get assured about every parameter in advance.
In case you have fed your Bunny with popcorn and now he is behaving appropriately, then approach the doctor immediately. Do not wait for some chaos to take place. There might be some disorders or indications which may cause to his life as well.

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