Can guinea pigs eat popcorn? (A Must-Read Guide)

Can guinea pigs eat popcorn? Ever got this question in your mind. Then you got to check out this guide to know whether can guinea pigs eat popcorn or not

Popcorn is one of the best time pass snacks, enriched with fiber, Vitamin B6, and other nutrients. When it comes to pros of consuming popcorn, there are multiple in numbers available. Sometimes when people snack popcorn for themselves they tend to give some to their pet. You can take the example of guinea pigs. But it is a must to understand whether a guinea pig can eat popcorn or not or whether it is harmless or harmful? Whether it’s digestible or not? What if, it may lead to some unnecessary health issues?

Can guinea pigs eat popcorn?
Can guinea pigs eat popcorn?

You must be aware of dietary habits of the pet, and also you are serving him in the same manner. In case you are not focused on his diet, then also it will become difficult for you to cope up with it, and it may lead to some unnecessary issues as well.

Usually, people feed whatever they are eating; they can give the same to guinea pigs. But this is not the truth at all. Popcorns are not at all good for them because there are so many things which can lead to some unnecessary health issues.

Therefore, in short, it is a big “No” to popcorn for guinea pigs. There are many reasons to be suggested that why guinea pigs must not consume popcorn. Here a few of them are mentioned that will help you to understand it effectively.

Some of the reasons why popcorn is not good for guinea pigs are:-

High calories

Popcorns are considered to be one of the heaviest snacks and also contain high calories. High calories are not good for anyone, whether it is your pet or choosing it for yourself. Therefore it is necessary when it comes to a guinea pig, and you are getting assured about it. If you are looking forward to adding the same to their diet, make sure you are not letting them consume it more than twice a month. If calorie intake is increased in pigs then it may leads to some unnecessary health issues. This lets them gain weight, and face symptoms of obesity.

High in fat

Popcorn is enriched with high fats as well, which are considered to be more dangerous than the amount of high-calorie intake. The reason behind avoiding popcorns is, it will rise to some cardiac issues. Blood clogging may also appear which proves out to be dangerous as well. To avoid taking the risk to the grave, it’s better to avoid such type of snack.


Phosphorus is considered to be one of the most dangerous elements for pigs. Phosphorus is known to cause the deficiency of magnesium and phosphate stones. Therefore you mustn’t be letting them consume it at all. It is necessary that in the body of pigs, magnesium is available in a balanced manner so that they will not find any difficulty.

It is to be seen that phosphate stones are seen in the bladder, which is proven to be very painful for the pigs. Before it is necessary, you are not letting them eat something which is contributing to it. There is no cure for phosphate stones yet, and it’ll be a difficult task for them to overcome the pain.

Digestion problem

A high intake of popcorns will lead to digestion problems as well. In case you are looking forward to adding it in his diet, make sure you are not exceeding the quantity at all. In case the quantity exceeds, then it will become difficult for them to resist it as well. Make sure whenever you are feeding them with popcorn, you are not adding a lot of butter in it, which is known to be the promoter of fat along with the fat existing in it.


It may lead to some allergies. If you do not want the pig to suffer unnecessarily, make sure you are not feeding them with it. Allergy could be physical, mental as well. These are the reasons why it is suggested that they do not feed the pigs with popcorn. You must approach the veterinary doctor available to understand the mentioned statement. Not only your doubt gets cleared, but also it’ll help me find why it is suggested not to feed the pigs with popcorn.

In case you have any doubt considering the dietary habits, then also you can ask them. They will not only help you to understand the particular diet chart considering to them but will also suggest you the quantity required. This will not only head towards good growth, but also you will be able to find out whether your pigs are growing appropriately or not.


Keeping aside the fact that popcorns are enriched with fibers and vitamins, you mustn’t be giving them to guinea pigs. If they have consumed it, there might be chances that unnecessary issues may arise, and leads to shortness of life span. Some cases have been reported after consuming popcorns, the pigs die immediately. Therefore if you do not want the same to happen with your pet, do not go for it. If you wish to know more about it, then go and approach the doctor to help you understand it more appropriately. It is also a must that whatever you are giving them to eat, you are aware of their dietary habits so that it’ll not create any haphazard in the future.

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