How Much Does a Popcorn Kernel Weigh?

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How Much Does a Popcorn Kernel Weigh?
How Much Does a Popcorn Kernel Weigh?

Popcorn is a tiny corn kernel that puffs and enlarges when it is heated. The seeds contain a small amount of water that enables them to explode. The outer hull of the popcorn kernels is strong. There are various types of corn like sweet corn, pod corn, flint corn, dent corn, flour corn. Popcorn is a healthy snack full of nutrients, and fiber contents are present in it.

How much is the weight of one cup of popcorn kernels?

One cup of popcorn kernels weights around 2.24 ounces. During the popping process, the moisture content that is present in the kernels is released, and hence the popped popcorn weighs less than the unpopped popcorn.

What is the weight of a bag of unpopped popcorn?

The calculation is mentioned below:

  • one tablespoon of unpopped popcorn is equivalent to half an ounce or
  • 12 grams of unpopped kernels is equal to one cup of popped kernels.

What is the weight of a cup of popcorn kernel in grams?

  • Gram 192
  • Milligram 192 000
  • Kilogram 0.19
  • Pound 0.42
  • Ounce 6.77

How many cups of 50 grams of popcorn weigh?

50 grams of popcorn kernel is equivalent to 0.4 / ½ US cup

How much is one cup of popped popcorn weight in grams?

One US cup of popcorn weights around 125 grams

What is the weight of a normal bag of popcorn?

A normal bag of popcorn weighs about 3.2 ounces per bag. It has a super crunchy taste, and it is sold for six bags per box.

A 100-gram popcorn makes how many cups?

The 100 grams of unpopped kernels make about 1/3 cup, that is, a lot of popcorn.

How many cups of popcorn are there in 30 grams?

Thirty grams of popcorn is equivalent to 0.24 or ¼ US cup.

How much popcorn does a 1-ounce bag hold?

A small 1-ounce bag of popcorn contains, on average, two cups of popcorn.

One tablespoon of kernels results in one and a half cups of popped popcorn. The air-popped popcorn weight lessens after they have popped because the moisture that is present in the popcorn kernels is evaporated when they are heated.

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