Popcorn balls with jello | A Delicious Recipe To Try

Popcorn balls with jello
Popcorn balls with jello

Popcorn is considered to be a great snack, and it’s used at the time of festivals as well. When it comes, looking at the recipes about popcorn, there are multiple recipes available. You can take the example of Popcorn balls with jello.

Popcorn balls with jello are considered to be one of the most considered choices by people these days. Whenever any of the festivals is knocking at the door, whether it is decorating the Christmas tree or looking forward to inviting someone, they look forward to preparing them.

The reason behind preparing these Popcorn balls with jello is that because they are not only delicious, but the flavor available with them also let them to Crave for it more. This is the only reason why people look forward to preparing it.

If you have no idea how to prepare these Popcorn balls with jello, then there is nothing for you to tense about it. Here we will be going to mention a few recipes that will help you prepare efficiently and effectively.

Popcorn Balls with Jello Recipe

#1) While using the Microwave to cook

The procedure we will be going to describe below can be considered whenever you are preparing the Popcorn balls with jello with the help of a microwave. If you have no microwave, then there is nothing to worry about it. In the end, you will get the recipe for preparing this Popcorn on the stove as well.

Ingredients require

  • Butter: 1/4 cup
  • Marshmallows: 1 pkg. Or 3 oz.
  • Popped Popcorn: 3 qt. Or 12 cups.

1. At the very first, you need to take a sizeable microwavable bowl and put the butter and marshmallows in it. Now place the microwave inside and wait for the marshmallows to be perfectly cooked.

2. When the marshmallows will get puffed, add dry gelatin and stir until it gets blended.

3. Now, to the large bowl, combine the Popcorn and toss them to coat.

4. When the coating is done effectively, now you are supposed to grease or moistened your hands. After giving moistening your hands, prepare them into balls.

5. After preparing them into balls before placing them into the container, make sure they are cooled completely.
Here, your Popcorn balls with jello, are prepared. It’s the easiest recipe to make. But make sure you are adding an adequate quantity of ingredients. If there is anything less or high in the amount of popcorn or other ingredients, then it will become difficult for you to prepare adequately.

#2) While using the stove to cook

If you are not available with Microwave, and you are looking forward to preparing the Popcorn balls with jello on the stove, then also there is nothing for you to worry about it. Here we will be going to mention the procedure that will help you to do it easily. This procedure is quite different, and the flavor will also vary as per the microwave one.

Ingredients require

  • White corn syrup: 1 cup
  • Sugar: 1 cup
  • Jello gelatin: 3 ounce
  • Popped Popcorn: 9 cups


1. At first, make sure the saucepan you are using is available with a heavy base. If the saucepan’s base is not heavy, there might be chances after placing the ingredients on the stove it might get burnt.

2. Except for Popcorn, put all the ingredients in the saucepan and play it on the stove. Cook it until you see that the jello and sugar are dissolved completely. If you feel like that the sugar is not dissolved completely, then slow the flame and wait for the duration till it gets dissolved.

3. Now make them well and pour the popped Popcorn over it.

4. Mix them well and make sure the Popcorn is available in the saucepan having the coat of mixture you have prepared.

5. After seeing it done, you are supposed to make the balls. For making the balls make sure you are applying some grease or moistened your hands so that it will not harm your hands.

6. When you grease your hands, you are ready to make the Popcorn balls.

7. You can easily look forward to the size of the popcorn balls. As per your requirement, you can prepare them. When you are done making the balls, put them on wax paper.

8. Wait for the duration until they get cold properly. After these Popcorn balls with jello get cooled completely, you can easily place them inside the jar or under more wax papers.

It is also a must for you to understand that you are not cooking it over when you are bringing the sugar and jello to boil. If these will get over, then you will be going to have the taste of burnt. If you do not wish to spoil the taste of the balls, you are taking every particular precaution required.

These two are the recipes that you can consider whenever you are looking forward to preparing the Popcorn by using a store for a microwave. This is your choice of how you wish to prepare. In case you feel like you want to add something extra or you want to add some additional flavors to eat, then also you can go opt for it.

When you are preparing popcorn in Microwave, and you have no marshmallows available, then the ingredients you have to learn to make the Popcorn balls with jello on the stove can be considered the same. But make sure you are not compromising with duration at all.

Usually, it takes a duration of 30 minutes to prepare the Popcorn balls with jello when you are dealing with the stove, and it takes 10 to 15 minutes whenever you are making Popcorn balls with jello with the help of a microwave.

Final words

Now there is no need for you to feel like you cannot prepare the Popcorn balls with jello. You need to look forward to the recipe and prepare it in the manner you want. Do not forget to take precautions and also make sure you are using your hands.

If you do not want to grease your hand, then the Popcorn wrapped in the coating of jello will get stick to your hands, and you’ll not be able to prepare the balls adequately. Therefore be aware of it and further apply the procedure quickly.

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