How to Make Salty Popcorn in a Popcorn Maker?

Do you want to know How to Make Salty Popcorn in a Popcorn Maker? That sounds delish. This article is made for you. See how it’s done here.

How to Make Salty Popcorn in a Popcorn Maker
How to Make Salty Popcorn in a Popcorn Maker

Popcorn can be prepared at home quite easily. Home-made popcorn can be enjoyed with family and friends as you watch a movie at night, have fun-filled family time, or while partying with friends. Multiple recipes are available to experiment with, toppings can be added as seasonings to enrich the flavor of the snack. The popcorn that is prepared at home is healthier than the ones purchased from the store. The popcorn comes with different flavors like Plain, butter and salt, cinnamon sugar, caramel, cheesy pepper, and more.

To prepare salty popcorn, use salt which is in the form of powder. You could even blend the salt and make it into a powdery form by using the normal kitchen blender. Preparing popcorn in the air popper is quick and easy that gives amazing results. When popcorn is served without any seasonings, butter, or oil it makes a fabulous low-calorie snack that could be enjoyed by everyone. But, most of us are not quite happy to consume plain popcorn. Therefore to enrich the flavor we add salt or another seasoning that we crave. Spraying saltwater to your popcorn will make it soggy and it is not the correct method of adding the flavorings. Also, use clarified butter instead of the normal butter to avoid your popcorn from turning soggy. The powdered salt, powdered/ icing sugar, and clarified butter will keep your popcorn crisp.

Preparing the plain popcorn

  • The plain popcorn can be prepared with only a few ingredients like coconut oil, sea salt, and a few popcorn kernels, and a brown paper bag for popping the kernels.
  • Take a paper bag and pour the popcorn kernels into the bag. Spray some coconut oil on top of the kernels.
  • Sprinkle some salt and roll the paper bag to close the opening at the top.
  • Gently shake the paper bag so that all the popcorn kernel gets mixed and coated well with salt and coconut oil.
  • Place the brown paper bag in the microwave for a few minutes till the popping noise is heard
  • As the popping sound subsides, remove it from the microwave and serve the freshly cooked popcorn

Why do we need popcorn salt?

The normal salt is large and cannot stick to the popcorn. The fine salt, specially designed for popcorn will stick to the popcorn and does not fall off. It is very simple to prepare this salt at home, you can use the ordinary salt at home and blend it to transform it into a fine powder, which will take only a few minutes. You can use about half a teaspoon of this powdered salt to prepare 13 cups of popcorn. Moreover, this kind of popcorn is deliberately prepared to be slightly on the saltier side, if you crave only salted popcorn without any other seasonings, you will love the salty taste of this particular snack. Give it a try to see how salty popcorn tastes like.

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