What Is a Popcorn Kernel?

Do you want to know What Is a Popcorn Kernel? Well, That’s interesting to know about. Read this article to know about popcorn kernel.

What Is a Popcorn Kernel
What Is a Popcorn Kernel

Did you ever think about where do the popcorn that we eat comes from? Many people may have a wrong conception that popcorn kernels are derived from drying the normal corn that we eat. But, experimenting with them will ultimately burn your corns. Hence, the corn that we normally eat is different from the popcorn kernels. The popcorn kernels that we relish come from a particular kind of corn, the only variety that can transform the popped-up corn into a delicious snack known as popcorn.

History of popcorn

From ancient days people have known about popcorn. The remnants of popcorn were found around 3600 BC. Many histories believe that the first corn humans knew it was popcorn. Despite being said that the Native Americans demonstrated to the settlers how to prepare popcorn, there is no proof to confirm it. Popcorn became popular during the great depression as it was an inexpensive food item ever since people have been eating this snack throughout the world.

Strains of popcorn

In The United States alone, there has been a variety of maize that has been cultivated. But, there is one kind of maize that pops, and it is known as Zae Mays Everta. There are about a hundred varied strains of this particular corn, and they vary in texture, flavor, and the way they pop. One particular strain of popcorn looks like a snowflake, and another appears like a mushroom. The mushroom type of popcorn is generally used by caramel popcorn manufacturers. The snowflake ones are widely used as a snack.

Cultivation of popcorn kernels

Popcorn is largely produced by the United States. It is grown particularly in States like Indiana, Kentucky, Lowa, Nebraska. After they are fully grown, they are plucked and dried in special containers that will optimize the moisture level that helps in popping the kernels. About 14% of the moisture level is needed for popping. Because of the moisture level, this variety of maize turns into popcorn.

Popping the popcorn

After the popcorn kernels are dried, they become ready for popping in 400 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be popped using the microwave or air popper. When a popcorn kernel begins to heat, the moisture that is present in it turns to steam, building enough pressure for it to pop. As the pressure intensifies, the kernel turns inside out. This is the ultimate result of the corn kernel that we get, which is ready to consume. It can be eaten with seasonings and added flavor to enhance its taste. Popcorn is the most loved snack by both kids and adults.

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