Best Popcorn Makers (Ways To Make Popcorn)

Are you looking for the best popcorn makers? Then We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will share the best ways to make popcorn and review the best popcorn makers out there.

Hello, Popcorn lovers. The craving for popcorn is an insatiable desire and will never get to the end of the road even though we end up landing in popcorn island.

A small appetite for this healthy snack has no time, right! Mouth-watering different flavors of this popcorn are unique in its styles.

If you wanna try the different styles of popcorn then you need to have the best popcorn maker of your own. Wait by the way do you know the different ways of popcorn making?

If not, at least know it right now, because you can get the best popcorn poppers to list only when you are aware of the popcorn making types.

Even though if you are aware of its types, it’s hard to find the best popcorn makers available in the market.

So, to solve all these problems I have taken out my time to write this lengthy article I hope you enjoy it.

What are you waiting for, let’s dive get started!

Best Popcorn Makers

Popcorn making is a fun-filled job to do. The modern cooking practices have made the making process easier with the new age appliances. These appliances have a unique style of each and introduced many different procedures for making popcorn.

Some of these appliances include

You might be aware of all these ways of popcorn making, isn’t it ?? if not don’t worry let me explain one after the other.

Commercial Popcorn Machines

You might be familiar with these massive machines that are visible at theaters, carnivals, amusements, etc. Yes, those big popcorn machines come under commercial popcorn machines as they are using for commercial business purposes and making popcorn in huge quantities. If you wanna start a popcorn business then this is the ideal one to choose.

Though these machines have several features, they all work on the same process of making popcorn.

Popcorn making in commercial popcorn machines

To make popcorn in these machines you need to drop the best gourmet kernels into the kettle that is present on the top of the machine according to kettle capacity. You can also add oil, salt, butter simultaneously to improve the flavor of popcorn.

Just by turning on the start switch, you are ready with the large heap of popcorns inside the tempered glass box.

Things to choose before buying a commercial popcorn machine

Here are some important things to choose in a commercial popcorn machine before buying.

  • Kettle capacity of 8 oz to 20 oz
  • Machine types like movable with cart or countertop
  • These are expensive to buy so check the budget
  • Check for a warm option

Best Commercial Popcorn Machine – Great Northern Popcorn 83-NA6006

The great northern company has met up with all the basic requirements to select it as the best among the commercial use by our research. As a basic requirement, it has a large kettle capacity of 20 oz that yields nearly 10 gallons of popcorn per batch. It is large enough for commercial use at the theater, amusements,..etc. Moreover, the great northern company is known for the durable products that last for a long time. It also has the warmer deck to retain the freshness in the popcorn for a long duration where it also has a special feature of spot warming. It is a countertop type popcorn machine with little expensive to cost. The 3 options included in it makes it more special to have, like warm, stirrer and pot heater. The stirrer option will allow the stirrer in the pot to rotate and pops the kernels evenly with leaving any unpopped kernels. It also has the old-maid drawer which means that it collects all the unpopped kernels into it.


Upon considering all the important factors, involved in choosing the best popcorn poppers, we have selected the best commercial popcorn machines for you. Have a look by at the Best Commercial Popcorn Machines

Hot Air Popcorn Poppers

These poppers are also called electric popcorn makers as it works using electricity. It is very easy to prepare popcorn with this electric popcorn popper in a very short time without any oil requirement. All it needs is just a plugin power cord.

Popcorn making in Hot Air Popcorn Popper

To make popcorn in these poppers we need to have popcorn kernels and electric popcorn popper.

Firstly we need to drop/place the kernels inside the popper.

Then close the lid along with a large bowl placed under the chute.

Now plug in the power cord by switching it on.

Within minutes, your bowl will get filled with fresh and hot popcorn.

Add some seasoning salt and flavors to have crispy warm popcorn

Things to choose before buying an electric popcorn popper

As this works on electricity, you need to choose some important factors in an electric popcorn maker.

  • Check for the lengthy power cord
  • Go for the power switch available one
  • See-through lid cover
  • Perfect chute curve
  • The material should be strong enough to bear the heat

Best Hot air popcorn popper – Presto 04868 Orville Redenbacher’s Fountain Hot Air Popper

Presto’s foundation hot air popcorn popper stands unique and best among all other electric popcorn poppers. The main thing to consider in this product is its unique design. The design of it has solved the general problems of a hot air popper. One of them is spitting kernels outside due to the hollow shape is covered with a chute outlet. This spitting problem is sorted out with the stainless steel mesh over the heating hollow tube. The see-through popper cover allows us to see the amount of popcorn that popped. It also has a large capacity that holds 20 cups of popcorn per batch. Additionally, the dome-like cover is used as a multi-purpose lid where it can be used as a serving bowl and a container to store as well. The intelligent engineered design helps the user to clean it easily.


You can also find the other best hot air popcorn popper out there, by considering all the important factors

Stovetop Popcorn Poppers

The name itself says that the popper is used on the stovetop to make the delicious homemade popcorn. This is idle for the home use with large popcorn yields in less time. These best popcorn poppers can be used on a gas, induction range, and electric burns as well.

Popcorn making in Stovetop popcorn popper

The stovetop popcorn has a large kettle with an opening lid on top. The kettles will vary from size to size.
To make popcorn in the stovetop popper we need to drop the kernels in it according to kettle capacity.
We can also add oil /butter/salt for flavor.
By closing the lid, keeping the burner on, we can make popcorn a home in a very short time.

Things to choose before buying a Stovetop Popcorn Popper

The best popcorn maker for a home of the stovetop model needs to have the following factors before choosing,

  • Removable lid
  • Vents in the lid
  • Perfect stove base
  • Large capacity kettle
  • Stirring mechanism to rotate the stirrer
  • Anti burn material for handle
  • Flavor adding aperture

Best Stovetop popcorn popper – Zippy Pop Original Stainless Steel Stovetop Popcorn Popper

As said earlier, the stovetop popcorn popper should have the stirring mechanism, this zippy pop’s product has the innovative version of the stirring mechanism just with the rotating paddles. The connected rotating paddles will help the user to rotate the kernels in the kettle just by moving the outer paddle in a clock or anti-clock direction. This feature of stovetop popper will prevent the kernel from burning and sticking out. When it comes to the capacity of the kettle, it holds around 5 ½ quarts of popcorn. The see-through lid of this product helps the user to observe the cooking process. The flavor port on the lid is also a great part in the popper where we can drop off the melted chocolate, butter…and many more though this port. There are also 4 vents present on the see-through lid that helps the steam to escape. This feature also keeps the popcorn fresh and crisp for a long duration. The matte finish of this stovetop popcorn popper gives the product an elegant look and also helps in easy cleaning, even though it has the dishwasher safe material. Are you looking for the best popcorn maker for home cooking purposes?


Want to get a stovetop popcorn popper with other features, then have a look at best stovetop popcorn maker

Microwave Popcorn Poppers

This might be the best alternative for the microwave bagged popcorn. You will find the best alternative for bagged popcorn by owing one of the best microwave popcorn poppers. This is just a home popcorn maker that does not require any extra fitting at all.

Popcorn making in the Microwave popcorn popper

As a primary thing in the home popcorn maker, you need to have a microwave oven to get a microwave popcorn popper.
It is a type of silicone/glass material that is safe for microwave use
To start the process, we need to drop the popcorn in the microwave popcorn popper till the limit accordingly.
Closing it with a lid, place the popper in a microwave.
Then the popper will get a bowl full of popcorn popped inside the oven within minutes.
Taking it out with a burn safety property serve it in the bowl after adding proper salts/seasoning.

Things to choose before buying a Microwave Popcorn Popper

To get a microwave popcorn popper you need to see

  • Whether it is made out of microwave safety material or not
  • Materials like silicone, borosilicate glass…etc are safe to use
  • Should contain a lid
  • Must have handles for support while taking from microwave
  • Large enough to hold popcorn for the whole family

Best Microwave Popcorn Popper – Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper

As most of the microwave poppers come in silicone-based material, this ecolution has found an eco-friendly way for this. It has introduced the temperature safe borosilicate glass made microwave popcorn popper. A borosilicate material is very safe to use in microwaves that too in a specially designed teapot model that helps to spread heat equally on all sides and pops the kernels within 3 minutes. It has the multi-purpose lid to close the bowl as a lid, to use a measuring cup as well and a butter melter cup. The silicone made lid has some holes to allow the butter to drips off on to the popcorn while popping from kernels. Borosilicate bowl and the silicone lid are very easy to use and they are dishwasher safe also. This home popcorn maker might be a great choice if you love eco-friendly products.


Having all these factors with some other special features we have selected some microwave poppers from top brands.

Have a look at the best microwave popcorn poppers out there


Reaching conclusion with all the knowledge about the best popcorn poppers is what you wish for in the beginning, isn’t it?

Hoping that now you are aware enough to sort out your requirements in selecting a popcorn maker.

Make a list of requirements whether it is for home or commercial use, pick up the right one from these best popcorn makers. If you still face any difficulty in choosing the best popcorn maker, please let us know in the comments.

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