How Long Does Microwave Popcorn Last?

Have you ever wondered How Long Does Microwave Popcorn Last? Well, That’s a great question. Read this article to find out the answer

How Long Does Microwave Popcorn Last
How Long Does Microwave Popcorn Last

Just like all the eatables have a shelf life or best before date, popcorn also has a shelf life or best before date. Even if the popcorn does not go bad, it is good to consume popcorn before the best before date. But, since it does not have an expiry date, it can still be consumed as a healthy snack. It depends on certain things like how the popcorn is stored, the best use date, etc. Popcorn is filled with nutrients, it is rich in fiber, low in fat and it has 100% whole grain that makes a perfect snack for you and your entire family.

How to identify rotten or spoiled popcorn?

To prevent certain foodborne illnesses, food safety techniques and proper hygiene must be maintained. If the popcorn has begun to spoil, the kernels won’t pop. This popcorn might appear to be dark when it is dried but one cannot predict whether it is bad unless it is popped. But the popcorn that is designed for microwaves, can be identified as soon as it is opened from the packet. The reason being the oil inside the bag begins to smell bad. When these kernels have turned out to be bad with a foul smell, there is no need to pop such kernels. Consuming spoiled food has health-related risks, therefore practicing food safety is very important.

The better way to store popcorn

Storing the popcorn in an air-tight container in a cool dark place with a tight seal is a better choice. Storing popcorn in the freezer or fridge is not recommended as they may dry faster and their shelf life is reduced. The popcorn kernel loses its flavor and quality if they are not stored properly and some of the kernels will not pop if they are stored for a lengthy period. The popped kernels and microwave popcorn packets do have an expiry date and it gets spoiled soon than the dried kernels. When the food is stored properly in an airtight container, and when they are placed beside the containers that consist of flour, dry foods, or cornflakes it will last for a longer period.

How long is Microwave popcorn good for?

The pre-popped corns and microwave packets have best before dates printed on them. It can be used for one or two weeks after the printed dates on the label. Below is the chart to know how long the microwave popcorn lasts

  • The Microwaved unopened corn can last for about two to three months
  • The Microwave popped corn lasts for around one to two weeks
  • Unopened popped corn can last for one to two months
  • Opened popped corn lasts for one to two weeks
  • Homemade corn lasts for one to two weeks

Follow the below-given tips to extend the shelf life of the popcorn

  • Make use of airtight containers for storing
  • Add some water to avoid the dryness
  • The dehydrator will help to remove excess moisture

Only when you open the microwaved or commercially popped corn, you will come to know if it is good or bad. There are some indications to know that whether to use it or not. For example, by its texture, smell, taste you can come to the right conclusion. At times if the lid of the stored container is not right enough, the bugs from other flours can be drawn. There are chances that mold gets accumulated that can be dangerous to your health. Therefore, storing them in the right place is very important. Refrigerating or freezing the popcorn is not at all recommended as the kernels will lose their texture.

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