What Happened to the Little Kernel Popcorn?

Do you want to know What Happened to the Little Kernel Popcorn? Well, That’s an interesting story. Read this article to find out what happened

What Happened to the Little Kernel Popcorn
What Happened to the Little Kernel Popcorn

The Little popcorn had created a buzz in the market. It is a brand that is created by the New Jersey stars Chris Laurita and Jacqueline. The little kernel is one of the popcorn producers in The United States that makes use of the small corn, which comes in various flavors. It has gained popularity, and its success is a motivation for other similar brands and small kernel farmers to promote their brand or get an entry into the market.

It has a crunching texture and has fewer choking hazards. It comes in six different varieties like sweet and salty, pink Himalayan sea salt, butter flavor, white cheddar, truffle sea salt, and naked without any salt being added to it. Popcorn is a healthy snack that contains a lot of fiber and is rich in nutrients. Some people stay away from popcorn as they are tiny that can easily get choked on your throat or stuck in your teeth.

These little kernels grow on small cob and are about three to four inches long. Another factor to consider is the temperature of the oil that it needs for popping. The little kernel popcorn does not need high-temperature heat like regular popcorn.

You don’t find the little kernel popcorn in the top twenty popcorn companies list that dominates in the market, like Hershey’s Skinny Pop Pepsico owned SmartFood. The Little kernel popcorn has stopped the naked plain popcorn and launched a new Sriracha flavor during the Sweets, and Snacks Expo held in Chicago. The Little kernel, still being at an early stage, has many benefits to compete with certain other well-established brands of popcorn with the latest packing that highlights certified non- GMO projects, wholly free, vegan, gluten-free kernels, and cooked with 100 % pure olive oil. It is about half the size of the normal popcorn that we eat. As per the remarks of Laurita, they were happy and satisfied with the original package as it was nothing to do with the health-driven consumer.

The Little kernel is the best snack to munch on as it contains high fiber, a good amount of nutrients, and is low in fat. In the new package, the new logo enables the partners to extend towards other categories without any new brand.

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