How to Get a Popcorn Kernel Out of Your Ear?

Do you want to know How to Get a Popcorn Kernel Out of Your Ear? Well, Don’t worry, It’s really simple. Read this article to find it out.

How to Get a Popcorn Kernel Out of Your Ear
How to Get a Popcorn Kernel Out of Your Ear

When any foreign particle gets stuck in your ear, it can be painful. It may even lead to dangers like loss of hearing, infection in the ear, bleeding, or damage to the eardrum. There is a tendency that young children or smaller kids may accidentally put some tiny objects like beans, popcorn kernels, or small rocks into the ear. Some children may even do it on purpose to experiment and see what might happen when an object enters the ear. Some insects like moths and flies can also enter your ear and irritate. These foreign particles must be removed from the ear immediately. In this article, we will see how to get a popcorn kernel out from your ear.

  • The first step is to tilt your head or the head of your child to see if the popcorn kernel falls out by itself.
  • When the popcorn kernel is visible and can be removed easily, try to pull it out with the help of tweezers. Do not try to push it further inside your ear. Never use your force while trying to remove the object, as the ear canal is very sensitive.
  • You can try using little warm water to wash the object out from your ear.
  • Frazier Suction catheter can be used as it can cause less trauma and do wonders. Suctioning works better for objects that have a flat surface or have a smooth, round surface.
  • Tissue glue can also be utilized. Use an otoscope speculum to secure your ear canal from the glue.
  • Visit a doctor’s clinic or seek medical help.

If you have tried these above-mentioned methods and are unable to remove the popcorn kernel out from your ear, it is advisable to see the doctor. If you have pain, discomfort, or hearing loss even after the object is removed, seek medical help immediately as you don’t want to cause permanent damage to your eardrum. I hope this article has given some insight on how to get a popcorn kernel out of your ear.

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