How to Make Popcorn in a Stirring Popcorn Maker?

By using a Stirring Popcorn Maker, it is easy and simple to prepare multiple popcorn recipes within a few minutes, Let’s see how it is done.

How to Make Popcorn in a Stirring Popcorn Maker
How to Make Popcorn in a Stirring Popcorn Maker

By using a Stirring Popcorn Maker, it is easy to prepare multiple popcorn recipes within a few minutes. Kids love to indulge in eating variety and flavorful popcorn. There are not many ingredients needed to prepare popcorn. The basic ingredients include popcorn kernels, coconut, or any other oil of your choice, some seasonings, and butter as optional.

How to Make Popcorn in a Stirring Popcorn Maker?

  • Many of the automatically designed popcorn makers have ceramic or metal, domed-shaped lids along with double-sized serving bowls. The base must be attached to the bowl, many of the popcorn makers have a locking mechanism that lets to keep the bowl in its position. Ensure that the bowl is firmly attached to the base as it avoids the spilling of the kernels when they begin popping.
  • The next step is to add the kernels to the oil. Normal cooking oils like coconut or canola can be used, Avoid oils that have a low smoke point like margarine as they give a smoky taste by burning your popcorn.
  • Butter can be added as an option. There is a small slot at the top specially designed to add butter. When the popcorn begins to cook, the butter at the top begins to melt. All the popcorns will be coated well. You could even use a microwave to soften the butter as it can melt completely.
  • The popcorn maker must be plugged in after all the ingredients have been added and the lid is closed. Different popcorn maker works differently, some may begin to heat immediately while others need to switch on the button. The popcorn begins to stir as they start the cooking process.
  • The cooking time of the popcorn varies. Listen to the popup noise once the popcorn maker is on. When all the kernels are popped, the noise starts to subside. It is now time to switch off the popcorn maker.
  • Open the lid by turning the popcorn maker, you can use the same bowl to serve the freshly cooked popcorn. Seasonings can be added to it for enriching the taste of these popped corns. Here are certain seasonings that can be used like Cajun seasoning, black pepper, garlic salt, chocolate candy, hot sauce, etc.
  • Once you have done preparing the popcorn, the popcorn maker must be cleaned well for maintenance. You can use a paper towel and wipe to remove the excess oil from the bowl that normally gets collected at the base. Proper maintenance can prevent the grease from being collected at the base. Certain nontoxic cleaning solutions can also be used.

Apart from the stirring popcorn maker, the theater-style popcorn maker can also be used. Both the popcorn and oil have to be added to the cooking chamber. You can just turn the switch button on. As these popcorn kernels begin to cook, the popped kernels will rise out from the cooking chamber and get collected at the base or the bottom of the glass. You can scoop it and serve the freshly cooked popcorn by adding some seasoning of your choice along with salt and butter to enhance the flavor of the dish.

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