How to Flavor Popcorn from a Popcorn Maker?

Do you want to know How to Flavor Popcorn from a Popcorn Maker like a pro? Then, this article is just made for you. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to Flavor Popcorn from a Popcorn Maker
How to Flavor Popcorn from a Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is an amazing snack that most people would love to munch on. It comes in different flavors with assorted seasonings. While you visit a movie theater, you may have come across flavourful popcorn that satisfies your taste buds. If you are not a sweet-loving person, you can try other flavors like salt, spice, or butter. Try and experiment with different flavors if you are bored of eating one particular flavor. If you are a health-conscious person, then it is better to avoid adding certain ingredients like golden syrup, icing sugar, brown sugar to the air-popped popcorn.

The common health benefits of popcorn

  • Popcorn being a whole grain is rich in fiber content and the nutrients present in it have characteristics that can reduce certain health diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease
  • Popcorn is filling because of its high fiber content. It is low in calories when consumed plain. The polyphenols that it contains has antioxidants present in them which helps in boosting your digestive health and the blood circulation

Popcorn kernels can be popped using various methods.

  • Popping using bowl: The popcorn bowls are designed to hold all the popped-up corns as they expand when being popped. Pour all the popcorn kernels into the bowl and then place the lid on top of it. keep the bowl in the microwave and allow it to pop. It may take about two to four minutes. Once all the popping sound subsides, remove the bowl from the microwave.
  • Popping using a microwave-safe vessel: Popcorn can also be prepared using a microwave-safe vessel. Pour the kernels into the vessel, ensure that it is covered with three layers of microwavable cling wrap as one layer is not sufficient. There are chances that the popcorn can pierce through it as they pop. Make some holes using a skewer or a fork so that the steam comes out. Place it in the microwave for about two to four minutes and remove when all the popping sound has subsided.
  • Popping using a paper bag: The bag must be large enough to hold the popcorn kernels. Place all the kernels in the paper bag and fold it at the top so that the popcorns won’t come out when being popped, place it in the microwave for about 3 or 4 minutes until it is done.

Seasoning your popcorn

When you add flavor to the popcorn, ensure that it sticks to it, and hence, a binding ingredient must be used. you can use a tablespoon of oil, honey, or butter. Here are a few recipes:

Mexican-inspired popcorn: Lightly spray some cooking spray and dazzle some honey over it. Add some flavorful seasoning like salt, zest cumin, chili powder, etc. Place the vessel or the pot on the hob and stir continuously over medium heat. Within three minutes, your popcorn will turn crisp and be ready to serve by sprinkling some cilantro and feta

Herb Fusion popcorn: Use some cooking spray on freshly popped popcorn and toss some herbs, salt, lemon zest on your popcorn and give it a fine mix

Salted caramel popcorn: Add some cooking spray on the Dutch oven or Skillet. Heat honey, coconut nectar, and some salt. Keep the flame medium-high till the bubbles start to appear and add the pre-cooked popcorn to the salted caramel sauce, give it a fine mix till all the sauce coats well

Cinnamon spice popcorn: Add cinnamon powder as a seasoning to the pre-cooked popcorn and mix it well

Choco-peanut popcorn: some mini choco chips and roasted peanuts can be added to the pre-cooked popcorn. You can also dazzle some chocolate sauce on popcorn to give a chocolaty flavor to the dish.

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