How to Make Kettle Corn with a Popcorn Maker?

Do you want to know How to Make Kettle Corn with a Popcorn Maker? That’s really simple and easy. Read this article to find out how it’s done.

How to Make Kettle Corn with a Popcorn Maker
How to Make Kettle Corn with a Popcorn Maker

Kettle corn is popcorn that has a combination of sugar and salt in it. Preparing Kettle corn at home is quick and easy. Microwave popcorn is comparatively cheaper and healthier than the preservative once that we get in the market. It can be popped either using a stove or a popcorn maker. To prepare kettle corn using a popcorn maker is simple and the outcome is amazing. These are irresistible as they give a salty and sweet crunchy flavor. They are also less in calories as they contain less sugar and fat. Let’s see how to prepare kettle corn using a popcorn maker

How to Make Kettle Corn with a Popcorn Maker

  • A microwave-safe bowl must be used
  • The first step is to add the popcorn kernels and then sprinkle some sugar on top of it while it is still unpopped
  • Coconut oil, canola oil, or even butter can be used to enhance the flavor of the popcorn
  • Cinnamon powder can also be added as an option if you like the flavor of it
  • Let it microwave for about 20 to 30 seconds till the butter is being melted
  • When you hear the noise of the popcorn kernels being popped it means that the popcorns are ready
  • Remove it from the microwave and enjoy the delicious popcorn

The ingredients that are needed for kettle corn

This is a recipe that can be prepared using only a few ingredients, one of the main ingredients is coconut oil. As coconut oil contains good fat it is much beneficial for your physical health. You can substitute it with canola oil or butter as per your taste. Another main ingredient that is used in this recipe is sugar and you need to remember that there is no substitute for sugar. You can make use of brown sugar instead of regular white sugar. Some amount of popcorn salt can be added to the dish to enrich the flavor. If the popcorn salt is not readily available at your home you can even substitute it with the regular salt that we use at home for cooking.

The kettle corn is easy to prepare as it does not take much of your time and can be prepared within three minutes. They can also be prepared using a brown paper lunch bag, you need to mix all the ingredients before you place the popcorn kernels inside the bag so that it will be quoted well and give a fabulous taste. Fold the paper bag and place it inside the microwave in a few seconds your popcorn will be popped and ready to eat. But make sure that the paper bags that you use are strong enough to hold the popped-up kernels.

As we have already seen the secret ingredient that is used to prepare the kettle corn is coconut oil as coconut oil can withstand high temperatures. The taste of the coconut all is amazing and the sweet and salty combination is utterly delicious. This is a snack that can be enjoyed at any time during the day, evening, or at night while you are watching a movie with your family members or friends.

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